I Want To Make My Dick Bigger: How To Increase Dick

Not all penis enlargement exercises merely exist with the sole purpose of enlarging a man's penis. There are other penis enlargement exercises that can also fix other penile issues at the same time, and that is what we will tackle in this article now.

If you have a penile curvature, for instance, you can turn to the curved jelq to straighten it out. For this particular exercise, you will need some form of lubrication. You will also need to get a semi-erection. Once you have a semi-erection and some lubrication, you can start spreading some of your lubrication onto your palms and your manhood.

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After doing that, create an OK sign with your fingers and slowly rub your manhood from the base to the tip the same way that you would if you were masturbating. With each stroke, make sure you place a good amount of pressure on the curved area of your manhood. Do this in the opposite direction of the curvature. Then, after every stroke, switch hands and do the same thing all over again. Keep doing this while alternating hands at the end of every stroke.

While doing these penis enlargement exercises, it would also be vital to firmly place your thumb on your penis while maintaining a constant amount of pressure on the curved area of your manhood. If you are disciplined enough to do this exercise on a regular basis, you should be able to see positive results from it in no time. Ideally, a good routine of penis enlargement exercises should consist of quick and short sets done on a daily or weekly basis.

Now, if your goal is to restore your foreskin, then you need to look into the foreskin restoration exercise. Some men seem to think that foreskin is completely unnecessary, which is why they get rid of their foreskin at some point in their lives. Other reasons behind circumcision include aesthetic reasons and religious traditions and practices.

However, the truth is that foreskin is incredibly vital for men, especially when it comes to their sex lives. In fact, circumcised men tend to miss out on extra stimulation and are much more sensitive compared to uncircumcised men.

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Fortunately, there are penis enlargement exercises out there nowadays that can help circumcised men enjoy the same sensitivity as their uncircumcised counterparts, and the best part is that you won't have to do anything major to get the job done, either. This means that you won't have to get surgery done or even use any products or devices to regain your lost foreskin. All that you will need to do is do the foreskin restoration exercise.

You will need a full erection to start this exercise. Once you have one, create an OK sign with your forefinger and thumb and place that sign around your penile base in a tight manner. Make sure you keep a comfortable grip when it comes to this. After that, simply pull against your penile skin towards your own body to stretch the skin where your foreskin is supposed to be. Once you have fully pulled the skin back, hold it there for around 10 seconds and do several more repetitions of this. Ideally, this exercise should be done twice a week until you get the results that you want.

Keep in mind that it will take time before you see the results that you want through these penis enlargement exercises, though. So, make sure that you stay patient throughout the entire process. Don't worry about wasting your time in the end, though. It will definitely be completely worth it.

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Learning how to warm up the penis is the most vital thing you could learn before delving into penis enlargement exercises. After all, learning how to warm up the penis will ensure that your manhood stays safe during the actual exercises. Plus, it will help make stretching and growth easier. The best part, though, is that it will hardly involve any effort at all from your part.

Use a Rice Sock, Warm Washcloth or Heating Pad

To warm up the penis, you can choose between using a rice sock, a warm washcloth or a heating pad. Once you have warmed up your heating tool of choice, just wrap it around your whole manhood and keep it wrapped for around 10 minutes. After warming it up, you can then start doing your penis enlargement exercises of choice.

If you aren't sure how much you should warm up the penis, ten the general rule is for the warmth to be somewhere between lukewarm and scorching hot - never too little and never too much.

Use a Heating Lamp

Since sperm tends to die at body temperature, it would be vital to cover up your testicles with some kind of fabric while warming up your manhood. Most men prefer using socks for testicle protection while they warm up the penis because socks can cover them up tightly and can prevent slippage during the actual penis enlargement exercises.

Once ready, set your heating lamp around 18 inches away from your penis to prevent burning it. If you want to stay extremely safe, you can set it up 3 feet away. Then, just heat up your penis this way for around 10 minutes before moving onto your penile exercises.

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While exposing your testicles to the infrared light of a heating lamp will only affect your sperm count in the short term, it's still best to be safe than sorry.

If you are interested in using a heating lamp to warm up the penis, but don't have one yet, you will be happy to hear that these heating lamps can be found in practically any home improvement store nowadays. You might even find them on the World Wide Web or in pet stores that sell reptile supplies.

If you have a spare lamp at home, then you can simply buy an infrared bulb and use it on your spare lamp. Conversely, you can also buy an infrared lamp that already comes with the bulb at the reptile section of your local pet store.

Ideally, you should look for an infrared light with 250 watts. If you end up with an infrared light with more watts than that, then it would be advisable to keep the lamp at least 2 feet away from your penis when you use it in order to stay safe.

When using an infrared light, you also have the option to keep the light on while you do your penis enlargement exercises. In fact, a lot of men keep their infrared lights on during their whole penile exercise routine. If you decide to do this, though, it would be extremely vital to keep your testicles covered the entire time in order to block the infrared light as needed. This would be especially important if you plan on leaving the light on for a very long time.

If you seem to be having trouble experiencing the gains that you want from your penis enlargement exercises, then make it a point never to skip warming up your penis before your routine. A lot of the time, the only problem lies in not warming up the penis before the routines or doing a bad warm up that hinders enlargement altogether.

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We all know how important the size of our manhood is when it comes to making us feel confident in bed. But not all men are aware of the fact that the average male organ can be easily enhanced in size naturally just by doing regular exercises on it.

Here are 3 of the easiest types of exercises you can learn to do to not only make your penis grow bigger in size, but also become sexually healthier for good!

Stretching Routine

One of the exercises you can do involves stretching your penis repeatedly for several times each day. This exercise is known to cause the cells in your male organ to divide and expand to gradually cause your penis to increase in size.

Start by holding your member by its head and then pull it away from you, stretching it as much as you can go until you start feeling some pain. Hold that stretch for 20 seconds, and release, and repeat the same stretching routine but vary the direction of your stretch.

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Squeezing Routine

The squeezing routine is also sometimes referred to as the milking technique, as it likens the act of squeezing milk out of a cow's udder. What this routine is known to do is to cause the blood chambers in your male organ to expand and hold more blood within.

Begin by squeezing the base of your shaft with firm pressure, and then move your grip slowly towards your penis head. Doing this repeatedly each day helps to cause more blood to store in the blood chambers to add thickness to your manhood!

Strengthening Routine

Besides improving the size of your male organ, you should not neglect the importance of making your penis healthy enough to perform well in bed. And there is a particular exercise which helps your penis to stay erected harder and for a longer duration.

This involves strengthening your PC muscle. By tightening and releasing your PC muscle for several repetitions each day, you will eventually end up with a strong and sexually fitter manhood which you no longer need to be ashamed of!

As you can see, it is actually easy to perform all of these penis exercising routines - there are no expensive tools or medication required, but only your own pair of hands.

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As you would have already known, there are a number of different ways to help you make that male organ of yours grow physically in size. And one of the easiest and most effective ways is to perform a certain set of exercises that naturally stimulates your penis into ending up bigger. Learn how to do the 4 simple exercises below, and you would be on your way to getting a permanently bigger manhood which you can be proud of!

Exercise #1 - Stretching Exercise

You begin by holding your penis near its tip and then slowly stretch it lengthwise until you start feeling some pain. Keep your male organ in its stretched form for 20 seconds before releasing and relaxing it. Do this routine several times each day, each time changing the direction where you are stretching your penis.

Exercise #2 - Squeezing Technique

This exercise method involves using your fingers and thumb to squeeze your shaft's base and then moving your grip towards the tip. Proper care must be taken when doing this routine to avoid any injury. However, do this right and you can expect to gain additional girth to your manhood in no time at all!

Exercise #3 - Burning The Suprapubic Fat

It is scientifically known that a good portion of your male organ is still hidden beneath a thick layer of fat near your pubic region, called the suprapubic fat. There is a simple exercising routine which can effectively burn off this fat, and expose the hidden segment of your penis to make it appear a few solid inches longer.

Exercise #4 - PC Muscle Exercise

Besides doing exercises for pure aesthetic purposes, you must also remember the significance of having a sexually healthy male organ. By doing these exercises which involve contracting and relaxing your PC muscle, you eventually improve on your ejaculatory control to help you last the distance in bed.

What I like about doing penis enlargement exercises is that they are so very convenient to do! All you need to start doing them regularly are just your hands to manually coax your manhood into finally becoming as long and thick as you have always wished it to be.

Within just a few weeks of doing these exercises, you WILL experience a transformation - not only in your penis size, but your sex life as a whole!

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