A divorce, separation or formal break up is a tough situation that people find themselves in everyday. There are always hard feelings between the parties involved and anger or hurt feelings can sometimes take over common sense. With mobile phones and SMS text messaging things can turn ugly really fast. Generally speaking, once the anger has subsided the “ex” couple will be able to get along better.

If this happens, you should avoid having intimate relations of any kind.

We have all heard the saying “Ex sex is the best," is it?

Perhaps you may not want to take that route, but you want to sext with your ex because you think it is safer. Is it really safer?

The truth is you did not get along with them the first time around and therefore it is likely that in the future you and your ex will encounter many of the same unresolved issues. If you have been sexting with them, saved sext messages and images can be used in a harmful way. In a legal sense they can be used against you in custody cases and/or support payments.

You may find yourself asking," Why did i want to sext with them again?"

Break all ties with your ex so that you are free and able to move on easily to bigger and better things. If you complicate your life by sexting or having intimate relations with your ex, you will never be able to rebuild your life and you may be inadvertently complicating someone else's. Your children do not need to be privy to this constant confusion between your and your ex.

Sexting is often used to taunt and tease ex partners in the hopes of luring them back, however, if the other person is not into you and is simply killing some time, you will be even more hurt and angry. Why would you do that to yourself? Sext with the ex? Forget about it!

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I am a marketing manager for the adult entertainment industry, and a community relations engineer, I am well versed in the art of using sexting as a viable means for sexual exploration. I have written numerous articles on the subject, some of which can be found on http://wanttosext.com