In the beginning of 2009, I had been working with someone for a little while, and this made me think about what it would be like to work with someone else. This was a time when I was doing a lot work around negative beliefs and past life trauma.

What also played a part here was that the person I was working with went away for a number of weeks. I went onto a search engine and found someone who did the same thing, his name was Errol Campbell.

It Was Slightly Different

However, although he was using the same healing modality, he had a slightly different way of doing things. But once I got used to his way of working, I soon settled down and trusted in the process.

If I remember rightly, I worked with him a few times and then I went back to the person I was working with before. It was also around this time that my father was in a lot of pain, and this was because he had bone cancer.

A Role Model

I think my father had had cancer for a number of years at this point; nevertheless, he did his best to carry on as normal. He didn’t make a big deal of what he was going through, and this meant that a lot of people didn’t even realise what he was unwell.

He worked hard before he had cancer, and he continued to work hard during this stage of his life. And as I had been ‘on the path’ for a number of years at this point, I looked into what could be done to help him.

My Upbringing

Through being brought up in a guest house, I wasn’t allowed to sit around doing nothing; I was expected to help around the house. There were times when I felt like as slave but, at the same time, I did like to play my part.

Over time, I have come to see that I like to be of service to others; this is one of the things that fulfil me. There was then the fact that the father was not in a good way and the strong urge that I had to find a way to help him.


Fortunately, my father was fairly open-minded, and we had many conversions in our kitchen about the stuff that I was into. This is not to say that we always got on, as there were moments when we would clash.

What helped was that my father would generally take the time to listen to what I had to say, even if he didn’t agree with it. So, after thinking about what I could do to help my father, I asked him if he would be open to trying the kind of healing that I had been having.

The Next Step

After I explained what is was all about, I wasn’t long until he was ready to take the next step. What also played a part here was that his mother has been healed by faith healer when he was younger.

I soon got in touch with Errol Campbell and arranged a time for them to work together. Now, this wasn’t a time when my father was restored to perfect health, but he did say that it took take away a lot of the pain that he was experiencing.

Two Sides

I knew that my father had suffered emotionally for a number of years, but most of the people around couldn’t see this. Whereas when he had a physical problem, it made it easier for him to receive the emotional support that he desperately needed.

It was then clear that my father was in pain, yet through being this way it allowed him to receive something he hadn’t received for a very long time. This was the secondary gain, and I remember speaking to my father about this.

A Few More Years

My father was around for just over two years after this, and when he did pass on I had this strong sense that he was now free. Free from the pain he was in and free from a relationship that didn’t serve him.

I didn’t have a healthy relationship with my own emotions at the time, so a number of years had to pass before I was able to grieve. This doesn’t mean that I have now “moved on”, though, I still have moments when I feel sad and wonder why my father had to go so soon.

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