Everywhere I see versions of this nagging question and get asked the same so often!
You can find good and bad intentions in any profession. While you may “trust her skills” please ask yourself if you trust her morals/values. Ideally, a spiritual worker should work for the highest best of their client. To me, this often means EMPOWERING the client to do things for themselves. If money is tight, I suggest you don’t put your trust in someone who asks you for “more than you can afford.” I have seen this scam more often than I can tell you. Any one of us can develop their psychic abilities (some of us focus on that more than others), and certainly any one of us can learn to balance, cleanse and heal ON OUR OWN. For now practice a simple, protective, cleansing routine. If in the future you choose to study more at depth there are certainly tons of teachers and resources out there. Once your finances improve, you can choose to pay or not.
Get in the habit of visualizing a safe place/light and ask your favorite protector, angel or the universe to cleanse you and send only the best your way. Relax and visualize all anxiety, energy that is not yours, ills and other undesirables melted away by this light. Visualize yourself surrounded by this light, as if it were an un-penetrable bubble. At the same time feel your feet and tailbone growing roots deep, into mother earth. Feel her bubbly light and support flowing through your roots.
Any time during the day you feel a negative emotion, simply feel this light again. Build this into your daily routine…. just like a shower.
You don’t need to pay someone to do that. Think of it as house cleaning (spiritual body is similar)… Would you pay someone to clean your house? If it costs less than your time, then for sure! Otherwise… roll up the sleeves ;)
We all have energies with us, sometimes ancestral or past-life energies (I am not asking you to believe, just entertain the idea for a second to see if it helps). We all have the ability and tools to work through those energies with intention. As long as we value love (self-love and others), compassion (not pity), we can rise above anything. Anyone that makes you feel: fear, apprehension, anxiety, uncertainty cannot be ignored. When we choose to feel such emotions, two scenarios are possible. Either these people are not great to have around (their energy is a bad attachment), or we are resisting evolving. The latter case is a bit more complicated and requires some thought and soul-searching. Sometimes people are put on our life path, in order to make us uncomfortable. This discomfort jolts us out of our habitual lives and helps us become better human beings. In that way, we could see a person that causes us grief as a blessing, a blessing that provoked our soul’s growth spurt. When choosing friends and teachers stick to those that you admire and those that uplift you. While everyone (including psychics, mediums or other spiritual workers) needs to be compensated for their time and effort (we all need food and roof over our heads), the fees need to be reasonable and fair.
Ask yourself: Are you cultivating your self-love when you to fork over your last dollars to a person that breeds fear in you? Practically speaking… That’s a bad investment!


I am going to stop the darkness-remove all destructive forces.
I tap into the positive forces of the universe, open myself up for transformation.
I will reclaim my sparks of Light.
Breaking judgment, embracing love and spreading light to others, I feel the sacred sparks returning to my soul,
filling my vessel.

-Yehuda Berg

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Hi my name is Maria and I welcome you to explore with me the world of Spirit, our inner-self and beyond. I am a clairvoyant, psychic, empathic medium. I connect with Spirit to bring you messages from our loved ones that passed and Spirit Guides. In my readings, I ask for the highest and best of all, so that we can live a more loving, abundant life.