I wish I didn’t know what a broken heart felt like. I wish there was no illness. I wish I never knew what homeless meant. I wish there was no such thing as war. I wish I never heard or said an angry word. I wish my heart didn’t know what it was like to ache for someone not with us anymore. I wish all babies were born healthy. I wish we never grew old.

I wish you knew what love meant. I wish no child ever knew what hunger felt like. I wish there were only good moms and dads. I wish there were no such people as murderers, rapist and child molesters. I wish a child never got hurt. I wish I never heard a scream. I wish when people got in a car to drive, that is what they would do; not text. I wish there were no such thing as drugs.

I wish more people knew what the word “moderation” meant. I wish people were responsible for their actions. I wish we could go back to the day when children respected their parents. I wish an education was available to everyone. I wish a handshake still meant something.

I wish we lived in a world full of love and understanding. I wish we were a world of helpers and those that do good deeds. I wish someone’s age, race, nationality, or sex never had any bearing. I wish there was no such things as money or greed. I wish we never accumulated any debt. I wish technology wouldn’t render us helpless. I wish we never had to worry.

I wish everyone knew how good it felt to be able to “give” to someone who needed it. I wish we could all hold the hand of a child in the hospital. I wish we didn’t need any shelters; homeless, domestic abuse, and animal. I wish there was no such word as gangs. I wish some of our youth learned to earn a living instead of trying to make a living stealing from others. I wish the word violence never existed, in any form.

I do wish for the end of all things that are not good or positive for us. I wish we learn our life lessons the easy way. One thing I’m grateful; that “I love you” and hugs are free. I am grateful that a kind word and a simple smile will wash away any unease upon your face. I wish everyone was able to see down the road, instead of just living for the moment. I wish you only happy days and peaceful nights. I wish you all the love until your cup runneth over. I wish you appreciation for every moment in your life.

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