I guess she wasn’t ready to heal. Anna, 24, called to cancel her appointment for the third time of rescheduling. Each excuse was not something I would’ve considered a valid enough reason to put off healing: “my car broke down last week”; “my mom needs me to drive her grocery shopping”; and “I just don’t have the time right now.” But Anna was the one doing her own healing; it was up to her to decide if she wanted to heal.

Anna had only been to see me once for several different health conditions. She had expressed great satisfaction with the initial results from the first recommended Homeopathic Remedy. But then, she changed her mind about healing.

I would’ve thought that everyone wanted to heal, to stop their suffering or to be happy. I often stop and think about what people tell me or what I over-hear in the checkout line at the supermarket; I often wonder if I’m so different from everyone else. I do not accept that I will suffer with a chronic disease or drug side effects. I never give up trying to heal myself, and never give up on helping my family when they are ill.

But it seems as if people all over the world have given up on healing. And when they know that healing can take place, often they make excuses to keep themselves from healing.

Over the past couple of years, my staff and I have taken to writing down some of the excuses we’ve heard when people call to inquire about our services. At first I just thought their excuses were money-related to some extent or other; but over time, I realized that wasn’t the case, especially after we began to work with people free of charge. Even those who call asking for a no-charge visit make excuses not to come even after they have learned that they could be seen for free. One lady stated she didn’t have a printer to print out the forms (and didn’t want them sent via the mail or to go to the library to print them); when a man learned that he would have to enter a current contest to be seen for free (because 6 months of free care was a prize), he stated he would wait until after the contest was over as he didn’t want to enter the contest (which was free to enter).

It isn’t just in my practice that people make excuses. I also noticed this in my husband’s business. He has an e-Bay store so he goes to a lot of auctions to get inventory. Often, he brings back items too big for e-Bay, so he then sells these items locally. A number of times a person would look at an item and state: “If you took credit cards I’d buy it.” When informed that we do take credit cards, the person suddenly walked away because he had no intention of purchasing the item—he was just using an excuse instead of telling us the truth: that he didn’t want the item in the first place.

But there’s a big difference between making an excuse to not purchase a refrigerator and making an excuse to not improve one’s health. Here are a few very common excuses people use for not taking that first step towards healing:

• “It’s not covered by my insurance.”
• “Healing is that ‘new age’ stuff.”
• “I’m too old to change.”
• “I like to eat junk food. You’ll tell me I can’t do that.”
• “I don’t like to exercise.”
• “I will lose my ‘disability’ if I heal. Can’t you just make me feel a little better and not heal anything?”
• “I won’t have to change anything if I just take a pill [from the doctor].”
• “I just don’t have time for it [healing].”

Even those who begin homeopathic care often stop once they begin to feel uncomfortable about healing. Here are a few surprising excuses:

• “Homeopathy will make me go to church!”
• “My husband doesn’t approve of anything that isn’t covered by our insurance.”
• “If I take that homeopathic I won’t be able to drink this summer so I’m not going to take it.”
• “All I wanted was a pill; I didn’t want to have to work at it [e.g. healing].”
• “I want to lose weight, not look at my stresses.”
• “If I heal, I’ll realize I don’t want to live with my husband any more so I can’t do that [leave her husband].”
• “My car broke down.”

Everyone deserves the opportunity to heal and experience a life free of emotional and physical distresses. It is amazing the number of people who accept their difficulties even if they know and/or believe they can heal. When the obstacles to healing are removed—such as money, travel and time—what excuses are now used? If you want to heal, are you doing so with all your heart and effort? Or, do you accept how you are and that it will never change?

I recently had the opportunity to visit with a woman, the wife of a friend of my husband. I had never met her before, so we started talking about the weather and that Christmas was approaching and whether-or-not I had completed my shopping. Then suddenly she shifted our discussion towards diseases and death. First I was told about the three dogs she “put to sleep,” then about her 9-year-old granddaughter who had died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, then to her own personal ailments. Being the listener that I am, I listened intently and took part in her tales, at intervals thinking to myself the different homeopathic remedies or rubrics (symptoms translated into homeopathic words) that would be used in the cases of the dogs and the child, and even the woman when she discussed her diseases. I thought that the woman was telling all her tales because she had known I was a Healer, but I later learned that that was not the case.

I did note that the woman accepted her diseases—they were a part of her life. “I have a hole in my eardrum so I can’t fly” was a statement of fact. There was nothing in her mind that could change that. She had modified her life to keep the hole in her eardrum. At several times she told me about the different parts of her life that she “gave up” so that she could keep a disease or condition. She considered herself too old to do anything else; she was 64.

It was after that visit that I, again, started to ask myself if I was so different from people. Am I the only person that would not give up until I was healed?

Look at where you are in life and if you are satisfied with where you are. If you are not happy, or if you suffer in some aspect of your life, why don’t you change it? If you knew that the depression would end, that the pain would be gone permanently, or that you could achieve all you wanted to achieve in life, would you at least try to have these things?

Think about it…..

Best wishes,
Dr. Ronda

Disclaimer: The information provided by Dr. Ronda is for educational purposes only. It is important that you not make health decisions or stop any medication without first consulting your personal physician or health care provider.

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Dr. Ronda Behnke is a distinguished practitioner of Classical Homeopathy and other Natural Healing methods. As co-founder of The Homeopathic Centers of America, Dr. Ronda passes on what she has learned through her seminars, articles, books and when working with individuals. You can contact Dr. Ronda via the www.MyHCA.org or by calling 920-558-9806. For a FREE guide to help you along your healing path, visit the HCA website as noted above.