I am real is a framework I created a while back to help give my clients a greater awareness on how to make changes in their life. Not just changes but lasting changes. Because we all change something about us for a minute, hour, or even days. But how often do we commit to lasting change? I am real allows you to ask yourself some really great questions to move you toward your goals or dreams.

I = Ideas
A = Actions
M = Momentum
Real = Reality

The question that is ask when it comes to ideas is: What is it that you want? Then after you ask that question you must also ask yourself: What is it that I really want? Because all to often we think we know what we want but we really need to dig down deep to pull it out. Then actions bring about questions like: What are you willing to do to make it happen? Then again you must drill down and ask What are you truly willing to do to make it happen? So often we say we are not going to stop until we reach our goal but the moment something tries to block us we stop. The greatest accomplishments in life come shortly after the greatest challenges in our life's. Momentum will bring you to the place where your greatest change takes place so the best question here is: What needs to be done now to keep it going? Many times when we reach this place we take are foot off the gas and that is what kills our chances of reaching that lasting change we are looking for. Finally is reality: What would your life be like when you reached your goals? Or What would your life be like if you knew you couldn't fail?

The lesson that should be taken away from this article is simple this, no one person, book, teacher, coach or mentor has all they answers. But they will help you open doors you never knew existed before. The truth is nothing changes until you change, nothing happens until you get moving. We all think that it takes to much time to make change happen, what we don't realize is that by the time we finish reading this article someone or something in this world has changed. I am real are you?

Remember be positive, be real and live your life In The Zone.

Author's Bio: 

David F Muraco is a Certified Life Coach, motivator and radio talk show host who lives in New York. In 2004 he founded "In The Zone", a business dedicated to helping people reach their goals. David's mission is to enroll and empower 1 million people to live the life of their dreams. His column runs every Wednesday in the Utica Daily News. To contact David, email him at davemuraco@in-the-zone.biz or visit his website at www.in-the-zone.biz