I sent an article out recently, and I had one of the beautiful people on my subscriber list write me back. She happens to be a practicing psychic, and so she gave me a message, apparently because she was touched with the depth, the profoundness of the article.

The basic message was that she had gone into trance, and she felt someone resting their hand on her shoulder.

And she told me what the feelings or sentiments were, including the fact that she felt I was speaking with the voice of someone who has done their work—who is able and ready to go. Everything's prepared for the next step…that is, the dimensions into the afterlife.

And, yo, dude, I don't know about you, but I'm only 57 years old! At first press I was thinking, "Oh, wonderful!" I mean, I loved her sentiment, but I was thinking—a big, big, big but—"I ain't ready to go!"

I sat with that message in my head for about 10 hours. It was just one of those things. You know, like a song that gets into your head that you can't get rid of—no matter how bad you want to get rid of it—and you never really even invited it in? That's how this statement was with me.

And then it finally came to me that she's right. Now, I do have to tell you that I did not pay for the psychic reading, but she picked up on the vibes. And she is right.

Now, I never thought of that. Believe it. A psychic picks up on stuff in the subconscious realm that we ourselves are not even thinking of? Imagine that.

But she's right. I do know that both of my natal children are now college educated—they both have MBA's. They both have good positions, jobs (of course, you know my position on that, and it may not stay what it is right now), but they both are established in life.

Believe me, this wasn't the way I intended it, but I have run the good race, I have fought the good fight. My kids are taken care of. Now, if the Gods call me away tonight, in my sleep, I could go tranquilly, because the Gods gave me this grace and this benefit. I mean, I could have died earlier. But I can go tranquilly, knowing that everything is set.

It's a sensitive topic, and I'm not saying that our children do not need us as they go through life. They do. But I'm saying—and this wasn’t something that I expected, folks!—that as far as the meaning of life goes, I have successfully raised and launched my children. They're flying independently.

And at least in that respect, I do feel free. I do feel like if I disappear tomorrow, it's okay. I am blessed.

Now, I do have works out there that will continue after me, too, you know that, and that gives me a level of peace, too.

And I do not intend to bite the bullet for another good 40-some-odd years—in other words the lifespan of another, normal human individual.

And I do intend to contribute countless, COUNTLESS, COUNTLESS more things than I have up to this point. And it's getting easier, and it's coming faster, and we are more in synch. Our best is yet to come!

But on a personal level, maybe she had something. She made me think about it!

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