Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the most sought after career choice of the youth of today. The job offers a high income and many additional facilities which are not available in many top-notch jobs of today. Also, an IAS officer is given the major responsibility of managing the bureaucracy which means that they become an important part of the administrative block of the government sector. Candidates work very hard in order to clear the three stages that precede the final recruitment and become a part of the civil services of India. There are three main stages; IAS prelims exams, IAS mains exam and the interview round. The question paper is quite challenging in both the exams and allows only the best candidates to clear the exam.

There is stiff competition between the public sector and private sector jobs. Both the sectors provide high profile jobs which are hard to resist and attract the people in large masses. However, there are some jobs which have an upper hand in the field of careers and are highly coveted. The IAS is one such job which puts you one notch higher above the rest and provides you with facilities that are highly coveted.

It is a dream comes true, when you become an IAS officer. However, the procedure that precedes the final victory is very challenging. You have to give two exams; ias prelims question papers and IAS mains. Both the exams are equally tough and demand a thorough preparation. The question paper is designed by the best faculty of UPSC and ensures that candidates with the best preparation and high general awareness level are chosen. Thousands of candidates are refined down and only a few are chosen for the final level, i.e. the interview round. They are finally reduced to a small number who are finally chosen for the IAS training.

It is quite evident that getting into the field of IAS is not an easy task. One has to put in extra efforts in both the exams, prelims and mains, to reach the final stage. The interview round is also challenging and tests your over-all personality. Thus, if you are planning to prepare for IAS you need to give in months of preparation with full commitment and dedication.

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