IAS Exam Preparation
IAS is the most preferred job options offered by civil services. Being a part of civil service in itself is a thing to be proud about, however, if you are an IAS officer, you are among the top- notch individuals in the country. You have a secure and promising future if you an IAS officer. It brings along with it high power and exciting additional incentives. However, due to its high demand rate, the standard of the IAS exam is set very high. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to be able to clear all the rounds and become an IAS officer. The selection rate is very low and the syllabus is vast which makes these exams more challenging for the candidates. However, due to the privileges it offers, candidates are ready to put in all the efforts and clear the IAS exams. It is divided into IAS preliminary exams followed by the IAS mains exam. After clearing these two levels, the candidate faces the interview round. In order to appear for the exams in 2011, candidates need to start preparing one or two years before, to clear the exam with high scores.
It is a difficult procedure that precedes the final recruitment. However, it is not impossible to clear the IAS exams. One needs to work in a systematic manner and should know the basic points to keep in mind while preparing for the exam. Here are a few tips to be kept in mind while preparing for IAS recruitment:
Time management is the most important thing to be kept in mind during IAS preparation. You should know which subjects you should pay more focus on.
Syllabus is vast and you have to cover all of it in time. Do not leave anything from the syllabus. Every part of syllabus is important.
Confined vocabulary has led to the failure of many students. It is necessary to have a good and extended vocabulary. A separate section consists of vocabulary questions.
Current affairs should be considered a part of the IAS mains exam and IAS prelims exam.
Start preparing for IAS mains exam before IAS prelims. As after the result of IAS prelims are declared you would not have much time to study for IAS prelims.

These are a few tips to be kept in mind while preparing for IAS exams. After you clear IAS prelims exam and IAS mains exam, you will face an interview session where you will be again tested on your general awareness. Therefore, be updated with all the current affairs around you. The dates of IAS exams in 2011 have been published and many students have already enrolled themselves.

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