Today, there are many options for the youth to choose their career from. One such highly coveted option is of civil services. It is a government job that deals with carrying out various functions in different departments in the government. It offers a large variety of jobs, however the most popular amongst them is the IAS (Indian Administrative Exam). It is a high profile job which has become the buzzword in today's times. You have to be exceptionally good in order to be a part of IAS. Its selection rate is very low and its expectations from the candidates are very high. IAS gives you money, power and privileges. It is very high in demand and realizes its importance; therefore the recruitment procedure adopted by IAS is very strict. There are prelims exam (also called CSAT) and mains exam which follow and interview session.
It is said that clearing IAS exam is close to impossible. IAS has adopted a recruitment procedure that is carried out almost throughout the year. Many candidates are not able to clear the IAS exam, even after appearing for the exam many times. Such is the grandeur of IAS that candidates do not lose hope and try every year in strength of thousands. Knowing that the selection rate is very low, they try hard to cut the competition and shine through. Many students leave respectable streams if they get to be a part of IAS. However, the question is, what makes IAS exam so scary? Why can't some students clear it even after preparing thoroughly for years? It is because, IAS unlike other entrance exams, judges and tests various aspects of your personality. The questions in the exam vary from simple to very difficult. Your Intelligence Quotient has to be very high in order to clear all the three stages of IAS prelims, IAS mains exam and the interview round. The kind of questions asked are not confined to textual knowledge, but also include general awareness questions. They require good educated, socially aware beings who can handle the major responsibility of managing the bureaucracy. They aim at recruiting candidates who do justice to the job and power provided to them.

Thus, IAS exams are difficult but if you work hard and prepare well you can clear them. Once you are recruited, you can make changes in the society for its betterment. You will be recruited in various areas, based on your ranking in the merit list.

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