Civil services is one of the most prestigious career choice today. However, it is really difficult to clear the exams and the interviews for civil services. For example, IAS which is one of the most opted option offered by civil service is quite challenging. Only a few out of thousands are able to clear the exam and the interview. However this does not stop the people, they try every year with much more enthusiasm and hard work. If one works hard and has the potential, he/she can achieve anything. Many of us do not try thinking we are not worth it. However, nothing is impossible. IAS exams are challenging, no doubt, but we have seen many students clearing them and even some meritorious one topping the IAS exams and interview. This does not mean that they are capable and we are not, they just never lost hope and had the commitment to achieve their goal in life. IAS exams are divided into IAS prelims and IAS mains and then the interview. Most of us do not know where to begin from, let us start from the scratch and discuss the syllabus of IAS exams which is the main essence.
IAS Preliminary Exam:
Many students think that IAS prelims would be easy as they are the first step in the recruitment procedure. However they are equally tough, in fact more than 3 lakh candidates appear for prelims and only thousands are selected for the next level. The scores of IAS prelims are not added into the main ranking, however clearing this exam is a pre-requisite.
It consists of two paper of 200 marks each. The duration of the papers is two hours each.
The syllabus of IAS prelims exam includes subjects such as history, general science, Indian politics and government, economic and social development, general issue on environmental ecology etc.
Also, there has been a change in the IAS prelims syllabus. The optional subjects earlier are now replaced by CSAT.
CSAT refers to civil service aptitude test which is a common test for all candidates. It includes a speed test and a power test.
IAS Mains Exam:
It is very essential to clear the IAS prelims in order to reach the IAS mains exam. The final scores of the chosen candidates are prepared based on their score in the IAS mains exams. These scores decide their rank in the merit-list and therefore their posting.
IAS mains exam consists of two essays, one general studies paper, two optional subjects.
Also, there are two language papers. One in English and other one in Indian language.
Scores of these language papers is not included in the final result, however it is vital to clear them.
The areas involved in optional subjects are History, Law, Management, Geology, Statistics, Zoology, Animal husbandry and Veterinary etc.
Thus, you begin with acquainting yourself with the syllabus of IAS mains and prelims. Also, try to practice the frequently asked questions in the exam. You can work according to your strength and weakness in various areas.

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