IAS, which is a popular and one of the most lucrative career choices of the present time is also quite challenging. It not only gives you power but also makes you work hard to achieve it. We all are aware of the problems faced by candidates while preparing for the IAS exam. They all find it difficult to cover the vast syllabus and also pay focus on the current affairs at the same time. However, many toppers have proved that nothing is impossible with hard work. Unlike today, with so many facilities, they have managed to top such a challenging exam with limited resources. Both, IAS mains question papers and IAS prelims question papers are designed by a highly trained team of professionals who set a very high standard question paper.
Today, technology has made our lives much easier. Manual labour has given way to machines and teachings on the black board have given way to smart classes. The students are much more exposed to the life around them and even in school a more holistic approach towards life is preached. Thus, today it is much easier for us to gain information on various subjects and areas through many mediums, the most important of them being the internet. It has all kind of information and has answer to all the questions. Earlier, clearing IAS was close to impossible due to the high standard question papers with limited about of information available, especially on current affairs. However, today, it is equally difficult but easier to access information. You can sit at home and explore the entire world. IAS sample question papers, previous years' question papers, supplementary notes, tips for preparation, everything is available in the internet. You can gain as much knowledge as possible through these mediums and score good marks. UPSC has its website where it everything is available from IAS mains and IAS prelims syllabus to the recent examination dates. All we need to do, is work hard and achieve the goal. Clearing IAS is still a challenging job, but these easy to access mediums have made it much easier for you to prepare yourself. Many websites and books contain quizzes which are very helpful for current affair preparation for the exam. We all are aware of the weight age given to current affairs in the question paper, which can help you score better than the others. These quizzes, which are easily available, can provide you with general knowledge information on various areas at one time. Even the interview tips given by IAS toppers in the internet and newspapers can make the interview session much easier for you and make you more confident.

Thus, due to the availability of such vast resources, our preparation becomes easier. However, IAS mains and
ias prelims question papers are very tough and the selection rate is very low. This means, in order to clear the exam with good scores, your preparation should be extraordinary.

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