Most of us are rather scared of the IAS exams than coveting them. Many times, we know we have the capability but we hold ourselves back thinking we cannot do it. Such is the case, with IAS exams which gain entry into the most sought after careers of India. There are many students who appear for this exam every year, and fail repeatedly. However, such is the charm of IAS that they do not get dis-heartened and try again the next year. Such candidates are better off, than the ones who do not try at all for the fear of losing. They should bear in mind that IAS exams are highly competitive but not difficult to clear. There have been many meritorious students in the past, who have not only cleared the exams but have become IAS toppers. During, their interviews they often talk about their preparation strategies and their will of gaining success which lead them through the exam. Such attitude is to be followed by all the aspiring candidates of IAS.
We all know, Indian Administrative Service will not only give you a good income but will give you the power to take decisions for the society. It is a major responsibility provided to you with the post of an IAS officer. It is the dream of every youth to elevate from the status of a "common man" to one of an administrative officer in the Indian government. Many IAS toppers who, through their hard work managed to top the exams are now recruited in high posts. They put in all the efforts and worked hard to become the brilliant minds of India. If you share the same dream, you need to get rid of the prejudices against IAS exams and work hard to reach this apex of success. The IAS toppers have given many interviews after their success, where they talked about their journey throughout and things that inspired them. All of them shared the same thought that, one needs to believe he/she can do it and not be influenced by decision of others. Also, they added, if you work hard and you have a good knowledge of the current affairs; nothing can stop you from becoming an IAS officer. They also advice on giving equal importance to both the IAS prelims and IAS mains exams and not underestimate any of them as their scores are added in the final rank sheet. Many interview tips and exam tips offered by IAS toppers are available in the internet, magazines or newspapers.
Finding an unexplored path is a difficult task, however there have been many IAS toppers who have already explored it for you and shown to the world that through hard work and commitment, one can clear even the hardest exams like the IAS. All you need to do is work hard for both the Ias prelims exam and IAS mains, also the interview level in order to get recruited as an IAS officer

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