Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the commission appointed by the Central Government to recruit individuals for the Civil Services of India. Civil services as we all know are a preferable career choice by most of the youth of India. Civil Services provide jobs which deal with working for the government of India. It is such a huge responsibility to work for one's government and thus the candidates who are chosen for these jobs should be the best in all the fields. Merely academic knowledge is not focused upon, the overall personality of the candidate, general awareness level and confidence level are some of the basis on which candidates are selected. The civil service exams are considered to be the toughest however some intelligent minds of India have proven to be exceptional cases and not merely clear the exams but topped them. IAS toppers are one notch above anybody else, and today are recruited in the best sectors of the Indian Government.
Some students have managed to top the civil services exams like IAS or IFS exams through their hard work. They have proven many myths about civil service exams to be "impossible" to clear. However, some of them have been generous enough to share some of their mantras of success with us. Many students clear the exams but go blank during interview sessions. Following are some basic tips given by Civil service toppers for interviews.
You can think of clearing the civil service exams once, with only your academic brilliance but the interview session is bombarded with current affair questions. The sooner you begin preparing, the better it is for you.
Your personality will be under constant surveillance by the evaluators. Do no try to look over-confident; just be sure of what you present.
Do not lie or boast. Remember the people sitting in front of you are highly trained professionals; they can catch you in a minute.
Get holds of the general affairs taking place at that time? They might ask you to debate over an issue.
Gain all the information on the post you are applying for. For example, if you are giving the interview for IAS recruitment, make sure you know everything about it from its background to its recent endeavors.
Be crisp and precise in your answers. Read a lot of books and essays. They can provide you with sentence framing techniques.

If you prepare well and follow these basic tips by IAS toppers, you can reach your goal. You should be confident enough that you managed to clear the civil services exams and you have reached the interview stage. You have to earn the luxurious life you would live after the recruitment. Once this phase of hard work and dedication is over, you can work towards your growth and improvement.

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