All bank jobs are highly coveted by the youth today. Since they carry the major responsibility of managing our financial affairs, we have become very dependent on them. This has led to their increase popularity and demand all over India. However, to manage such a large network of financial institutions, a strong team of employees is very necessary. This strong team of employees is well paid, given extra allowances and led a healthy life. Thus, this has made the banking sector one of the most sought after career choices of today. There are some jobs offered by the banking sector, which earn a higher salary and get better facilities. One such post is of a bank clerk. Division of salary and allowances is dependent on the kind of work undertaken by a post; in this case, a bank cannot function without a good clerk. As a matter of fact, not only one but many clerks are required in a bank to manage its various departments with efficiency. Institutions like IBPS have been given the responsibility in recruiting bank clerks for many public sector banks of India. The final recruitment is a product of the preceding exams and interview which are highly challenging and competitive.

IBPS plays an important role in recruiting such efficient clerks for banks all over India. It is an autonomous organization which works on high international models. Its use of recent technology has made it one of the most well structured and organized recruiter of India. Also, it has set up a strong team of professionals who ensure entry of only the best candidates. IBPS recruits a candidate, only after thoroughly analyzing all aspects of his/her personality. Also, it makes sure that the candidate has enough knowledge of the current affairs of the world with special reference to the banking industry. In case of a high profile job such as a bank clerk, it ensures that the specific qualities required by the job are present in the candidate. For example, to recruit a security clerk, other than academic knowledge, personal qualities like high knowledge of ethics, loyalty, honesty etc are also required. Similarly, for a clerk who deals with customer queries, excellent communication skills are very important. Also, to be a clerk, one must have good mathematical skills and computer literacy.

Every year, thousands of vacancies are offered to the aspiring candidates for the clerical posts. For example, in 2012 banks like Andhra bank, Allahabad Bank, Punjab National Bank etc have offered the clerical posts while many other banks are yet to declare the previous years' result for clerical posts. However, thorough preparation is required to bag a seat in any of these banks as they are highly esteemed and choose only the best candidate.

Therefore, if any of is planning for a career as a bank clerk, there are many reputable banks that are offering it in 2012. However, it must also be kept in mind that the post of a bank clerk is highly coveted and many others like you will be appearing for the exams. You need to prepare yourselves well and practice hard, before appearing for the exam.

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