Many people cant seem to consume a meal without the sort of dessert. For others, the dessert must come before a meal to be able to stimulate their appetite. For yet others, desserts are almost a meal by themselves and are taken at any time of the day. Regardless of the time these sweets are eaten, there is one truth that cannot be denied - ice cream tops the list of sweets that individuals enjoy. If youre an ice cream enthusiast yourself, you might think that any type of frozen treats, as long as its your preferred flavor, will probably be sufficiently good for you. However, there are actually different types of these iced delights that you simply just may start considering just before reaching out for that next cup or cone.

You will find three general types of ice cream sold in the market today according to fat content - regular, reduced fat and low-fat. Regular ice cream is normally sweet and has 10-20% milk fat. Although regular frozen goodies is the more delicious type, it is usually told make a person prone to diabetes and also other diseases in connection with high sugar intake. On the other hand, there is reduced fat soft ice cream that is prepared the same as regular frozen goodies, except that it has 6.5% less milk fat within it, while low-fat ice cream has less fat by 4%. For weight watchers, reduced fat and reduced fat frozen goodies are obviously the better choices, but while many people complain that they are less savory, manufacturers have been using new recipes with improved taste.

Frozen goodies can be classified in line with their consistency or texture along with attributes. There is soft-serve ice cream, which happens to be a lot like any other regular soft serve ice cream, except that it is stored in a way that ensures it truly is soft at any point in time. Another one is Italian gelato which is usually very creamy and tasty. Gelatos are sometimes laced with fruit flavors and are a favorite the world over.

It is stated that there are even other kind of frozen treats, each made of a special recipe which was developed at one time or another by people of numerous cultures and tastes. One universal thing about these desserts, though, is the fact that people of various age groups and from all walks of life love them. Whether its a weight-watcher eating it or someone who is eating it for pure pleasure, the sweet satisfaction one gets from frozen goodies is undeniable.

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