Faced with male fertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF) with micro-injection is generally preferred to conventional IVF.
Understanding male infertility
Men don't like to talk about it. It's hard to say that his sperm is the source of the problem. This type of anomaly seems to them to question their masculinity, when it has nothing to do with it. Let’s know more about ICSI in infertility.
Infertility, difficult for a man
They also feel a strong sense of guilt and take refuge in silence. Is their problem taken into account as much as female infertility? All serious gynecologists routinely prescribe a sperm study in fertility checkups. The spermogram is part of the first wave of exams. Let’s know more about ICSI in infertility.

What is a Spermogram?
The biologist examines the ejaculate, i.e. the collected semen sample, under a microscope. He estimates the number of sperm and analyzes their morphology and vitality. According to the WHO, normal sperm has at least 15 million sperm per ml, at least 30% of which are mobile and 15% of which are normal. Some have an elongated head, a round head, two heads and a flagellum. It is very common. There are lots of abnormalities in the sperm, it is when they become too numerous that the man experiences difficulties in having a child. Let’s know more about ICSI male infertility.

What is ICSI in infertility?
As soon as there are significant sperm problems, IVF known as ICSI (for intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) is preferred to conventional IVF. It involves selecting a single sperm to fertilize the egg. The manipulation is carried out under a microscope. The spermatozoon, magnified 200 to 400 times, is aspirated in a pipette, then micro-injected inside the ovum, itself maintained by a micro-aspiration.
IVF with micro-injection: what are the chances of success?
Since in vitro fertilization with micro-injection known as ICSI exists and is offered to the couple, there are no longer many differences between conventional IVF and IVF with sperm selection. Everything happens as if the sperm is normal.
ICSI treatment for infertility
for infertility proves to be the best treatment for infertility.

What if ICSI IVF doesn't work?
When the process IVF or ICSI with IVF fails to work, then also there is a ray of rope and that is the use of donor program which has helped many couples build their families. In fact, many a times, donor programs prove to be very helpful.

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