Critically ill patients present a completely different set of challenges for both the doctors as well as the ones who are in charge of taking care of them. Such patients require constant monitoring, care and support to be able to get back to health. In such a situation, the role of critical care nursing becomes paramount to the patient’s health.

When the patient is admitted in an ICU, there is an entire team of specialised physicians, nurses, dietitian, physiotherapist and other medical staff present to look after their every need. Right from keeping an eye on the patient’s blood pressure, to measuring their temperature every 2-3 hours and from administering medicines to recording their heart rate; everything is handled by the nursing staff inside the ICU to make sure there is no damage to the patient’s health and if they find something suspicious, report it immediately to the concerned doctor.

Nowadays, many patients are being treated at home ICU. Often times, critically ill patients are sent home on the request of the family members so that they can be taken care off by them. In such a scenario, the family members opt to take help of ICU at home services to take care of them 24×7 and if need be coordinate with the doctor on the progress being made by the patient.

Yes, home health care environment is absolutely different from that of a one would find in a hospital, but with professional help of at ICU at home, one can actually recover easily and feel better. Under home ICU, icu treatment, patients can learn to live with greater independence, and have access to their loved ones any time of the day while achieving optimal level of health and well-being.

When you have ICU at home, the critical care nursing staff at home helps in:
● Sanitizing the bedroom and other areas the patient would be using
● Installing medical equipment such as IV stand, para monitor, oxygen cylinder, suction apparatus to remove accumulated phlegm, alpha mattress for the bed, nebuliser, DVT pump to prevent deep vein thrombosis and a cardiac monitor to keep track of the vitals.
● A trained nurse also stays by the patient’s bedside around the clock to administer injections, give medicines and check on their daily progress.

HealthCare atHOME is one such leading healthcare services provider in India that offer expert ICU at home with critical care nursing staff at home to avoid prolonged stay in a hospital after surgery. At HCAH,our certified nursing staff provides hospital like care, assistance and medical companionship to your loved ones. Supported by best-in-class devises and expertise, our critical care nursing staff provides continuous monitoring on vital parameters and ensure exceptional medical care within the comfort of the patient’s home. The ICU at home team is proficient in ICU, Basic Life Support (BLS) and situational handling to deliver the best of care to the patients.

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