Exercising alone gets boring after a while. And when it does, motivation is sure to drop. The next thing you know, you have already abandoned your entire workout regimen. Before this happens, jazz up your workout sessions with the fun and sometimes competitive camaraderie of pairing up with your partner or with like-minded friends and experience the benefits of group exercise. When you're working out with other people, you're less likely to feel de-motivated on your journey towards staying fit and healthy.

One simple group exercise idea that you can easily do is to call up friends and relatives and arrange for a regular video exercise session at your house. Set a particular time for day or two every week where you and your friends can follow a dance aerobics, Yoga or Pilates video in your very own living room or backyard. You don't have to follow one exercise-- the more variety, the better for everyone. Your friends can bring a video to your sessions and you can reap the benefits of the exercise together. In the event that a certain workout calls for special equipment like mats or weights, be sure to inform everyone beforehand.

A variation of this group exercise is to meet up in a local park or some wide open space, with each person bringing a set of exercises for the whole group to follow. You should be adept at the exercise you share to the group, ensuring that you give everyone correct information regarding form and technique. The person or persons-- two or three people can share a particular workout-- in charge of the exercises should include proper warm ups or cool downs for their exercise. Another method would be to assign someone for warm ups, another one for the cool downs and two or three for the main workouts.

If you're exercising with a partner, you can spice it up a bit by competing in a power walking or running session. Set a finish line or if you are working out in an oval, decide on the number of rounds you want to finish. The one who gets there first wins. Unless you're both very competitive, chances are you'll end up laughing your hearts out midway through your contest-- which makes it a good thing since laughter, studies show, flushes out toxins, burns calories and contributes to overall health and longevity.

Admittedly, group exercise sessions involve a certain amount of coordination, especially if you're the one initiating the activity. But once it becomes a regular part of everyone's week, it will be easier to adhere to your workouts in the long run. As soon as your friends see the benefit of your sessions, they will be calling you eagerly to ask for your workout plan for the following weak. Try to end your workout sessions with something fun-- a swim at the local pool or for girls, watching a mushy DVD that only girls can truly appreciate. Structuring your exercises this way will not only provide you with motivation and quality workouts, it will also promote the bonds of friendship and family.

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