Hotel administrations create the perfect environment for every luxury guest with cleanliness. Visitors can enjoy and relax a comfortable stay in a clean, fresh, and sanitised hotel room. Clean and fresh hotel rooms also support your establishment's brand. Apart from fulfilling the industry housekeeping standards, cleanliness improves the likelihood that visitors will return to your place and refer the hotel to their friends and colleagues. To fulfil the cleaning standards and expectations of your guests, scroll down to know some of the vital ideas that will help you perform proper hotel cleaning in Adelaide

Follow a cleaning checklist

With a cleaning checklist, a room attendant or a housekeeper know the right process to clean a hotel room. The checklist ensures uniformity among every hotel room, saves a lot of time, and improves cleaning efficiency. 

Clean in a methodical manner

You must start from the top of the room and clean from back to front. This simplifies the process of cleaning, eliminating the debris thoroughly, and minimising cross-contamination. For example, when commercial cleaners start from the top, dirt, debris, and dust fall onto surfaces that are still cluttered and waiting to get cleaned. Similarly, working from back to front prevents tracking germs throughout the room parts that are already sanitised and properly cleaned. 

Separate the cleaning cloths

You must use separate cleaning cloths for each task in the hotel room. With this idea, you can minimise cross-contamination and make sure all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. For example, make use of blue cloths for sanitising surfaces and green cloths to get rid of the available dirt. Also, keep in mind to replace a cloth after each task, instead of using the same cloth to wash off the trash cans and dust furniture. 

Vacuum upholstery & curtains

Dirt and dust can build up on windows and furniture, and this creates a cluttered hotel room. Also, debris can cause the upholstery to break down over the passage of time. So, make sure to vacuum these surfaces at regular intervals to improve cleanliness, improve the upholstery lifespan, and maintain a clean and fresh room for guests. 

Wash all bedding 

Pillowcases, bedspreads, and sheets must be replaced with clean bedding after the guests leave. Make sure you don’t cut any corners and change only the sheets. The commercial cleaning professionals in Adelaide also require inspecting the bed carefully. They must look for signs of stains or bedbugs and remove the trash that might be stuck in crevices, between the boxspring and mattress, or behind the baseboard. 

Hope, you came to know the ideas that will help you clean a hotel room. If you find the content of this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and get back to us for more exciting content!

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