It’s that time of the year when you want to kick and enjoy some fun time with your girlfriends. One way to let loose is to throw your friends an all-girls party on the eve of New Year and soak up in the delightful company of all the lovely ladies. What can be a better way to end a week or even a year than having a kitty party with all the ladies? Beat the work stress and cap off the rough workweek with a girl’s party at a kitty party venue in Gurgaon. But having the ladies over alone won’t do. As a host, you are expected to bring in something interesting to make the night memorable. So, here are some ideas that you can use to throw your girls a bashing year-ender party.


Girls just want to have fun and a party without costume is no fun. So if you girls are up to it, throw a costume party. To make it interesting, ask them to do an RSVP with who is coming dressed as what so that there are not too many Hermione Grangers or Nurse Ratcheds in the party. Go creative because here is your chance to make the party maximally interesting. The top party venues in Gurgaon provide party supplies and some even offer costumes for such parties. Aside from that, there are dressing rooms and makeup setups in washrooms where you can doll up if you care.

Party Punch

A party is no fun if it’s not serving drinks. Look up on Google to find some punchy cocktail recipes. Brew up cocktails like a boss and get them flowing as your guests start to arrive. Punches and cocktails are the soul of kitty parties. Make sure you also have some finger foods ready to accompany the drinks to keep your guests refreshed through the night. You can appoint a cocktail master or a bar tender to brew up the punches or you can do it yourself with the ladies if it’s a small group.


Music not in the way of a soft background score, but karaoke or singalongs. Bring in a giant screen and have some play some fun numbers. Make it an open mic night so that anybody can step up to the stage and sing with the stereo while the crowd cheers and sings along. Single Ladies, All Dressed in Love, Sex and the City soundtrack, Dog Days Are Over are some of the suggestions that would fit perfectly into a kitty party playlist.

A Girl’s Getaway

Alternately, you can surprise your girls with a leisure package for all. There are tons of resorts around Gurgaon that offers leisure retreats for guests looking to get away from their tiring routines for a day or two into the luxury of a perfect holiday. Five-star accommodation, champagne and pillow chocolates, buffet meals and spa treatments are some of the attractions of these packages.

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Viewing the beautiful yellow mustard fields around the resort, the second half of the blockbuster film DDLJ was shot here in the year 1995. The lush green environment set in the most picturesque surrounding make Best Western Resort Country Club the perfect destination for Conferences, Holidays & Parties for all occasions incl. Weddings / Residential Marriage celebrations.