“I believe each of us is born with a life purpose and mission. Identifying, acknowledging, and honoring this mission and purpose are perhaps the most important actions super achievers take.”
Discovering and articulating your values, mission and purpose allows you to gain direction for your life’s journey and allows you to organize all your thoughts and actions around satisfying this true essence that is you. Anything that is not a true expression of your values, mission and purpose should be excluded from your life.
Once you have identified your values, mission and purpose you will gravitate toward doing only those things that bring you closer to living your vision. Living on purpose will inspire and become the WHY that drives you to do what is necessary to live your dream life. Once you know your WHY for living, everything in your life will become crystal clear.
Unleash Your “WhyPower” - Best Motivational Speakers
There are factors, like the type of parents we had, the schools we attended, the part of the country we grew up in that may affect how our lives turn out, if we allow them to be a factor. All external factors can only have any effect on your life if you allow them to. The major factor that will however most certainly affect how your life turns out is your ability to dream.
Dreams are your imaginations way of escaping the constraints of your mind and are a projection of the kind of life you want to lead in the future. When you commit to clarify your dreams and you invest the energy to turn them into real and meaningful “GOALS” you create a force that will drive you and empower you to skip over any obstacles that will invariable cross your path.
The way to unleash this incredible power is to look beyond your willpower and discover your “WHYPOWER”. When you can find the compelling reason “WHY” achieving a dream or a goal is really important to you, you will have discovered the key to unlock this unstoppable force.
When you have clarified your dreams and turned them into clearly, time defined, believable and achievable “GOALS”. The next step is not to figure out how you are going to achieve them. It is to search within yourself until you discover that one really audacious reason “WHY” achieving that goal is so important to you.
A really compelling and meaningful reason “WHY” you absolutely must achieve any “GOAL” will give your “GOALS” incredible pulling power. This will allow you to unleash your creative force, inspiration, determination and equip you to overpower any obstacle that may cross your path.
To leverage the maximum benefit from your “WHYPOWER”. You must ensure that your “GOALS” are well defined and you must have a crystal clear picture of exactly how you want your future to be. When you fuel your “WHYPOWER” with vivid, well defined and meaningful “GOALS” the plans you create to make this future possible for you, will act like a strong attractive force.
Dare to dream of the incredible future you desire and massive success and incredible achievement; is most certainly possible for you. Find your compelling reason” WHY” it is crucial for you to live that future. Then visualize yourself actually living the future of your dreams, right now. Feel all the positive emotions and good feelings that future will bring and you can have, do and be anything you want.
You must see yourself at the finish line, while you are still running the race. You must focus on the positive emotions and cheers, when you are in the middle of any huge project.
When you encounter any of the inevitable challenges along the path to success, stay focused on the final goal. Henry Ford said that “You will never see any obstacles, as long as you stay focused on your goals”. Most importantly stay focused on your “WHYPOWER” and keep doing the uncomfortable, until it becomes comfortable, because focus and persistence are the way you can achieve anything you want.

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I am an Entrepreneur, Master Teacher, Radio Host, Global Traveler and Author. My area of focus is in the field of human behavior, expanded awareness and enlightenment. I travel the planet constantly researching, learning and seeking ways to unlock the mysteries of the human mind. I delve into the inner workings of the universe, always looking for ways to understand my role in making things better and contributing to the improvement of the human experience.
I live an authentic and privileged life filled with love and gratitude. My mission and vision has been to gather, learn and apply as much wisdom and knowledge in my own life as possible. To this end I have been a voracious student, in the field of human behavior and human development http://www.andrewhorton.co.za