A common narcissistic behaviour is excessive entitlement. The narcissistic personality is a False Self – a person who is entrenched in their egoist mind – which is always dissatisfied. Narcissistic individuals use and mine people in order to gain narcissistic supply - which is attention, significance, materialism, acclaim and any other resource which will further there self-absorbed need for ‘more’.

Narcissistic individuals have no ability to define you as a separate entity from themselves. Everyone and everything in their life is a potential source of ‘more’ and an object to be mined – if possible. If certain people can’t grant, don’t have, or can’t be manipulated to hand over what the narcissist wants, or have been emptied out by the narcissist until they have no more to give, then these people are discarded accordingly. For this reason narcissistic personalities have a very poor awareness of boundaries (unless feigning respect) and believe they are entitled to whatever is yours.

When the narcissist has successfully enmeshed with you, gained your trust and ensured not only have you dropped your guard but have connected your identity and emotional world with the narcissist - then the narcissistic personality will start demanding and taking from your mercilessly. To do the narcissist uses any narcissistic behaviour necessary to wear you down, disintegrate your boundaries and force you into handing over energy, attention, sex, money or whatever else the narcissist wants.

The horrible reality is that individuals who get onto serious relationships with narcissists, whether it be romantic, personal or business generally end up losing out very badly. The narcissist whilst taking what is yours and feels fully entitled and is conscienceless. The narcissistic individual will always have a justification which his or her False Self firmly believes. The narcissist upholds he or she has been a victim at your hands and whatever he or she takes is compensation for what ‘you did or didn’t do’.

For the normal human model of humanity, this seems unthinkable and causes incredible pain and suffering emotionally and psychologically to the victim of the narcissist, who has been bled dry, often is rendered powerless, and cannot gain relief as a result of the narcissist deciding to ‘do the right thing. Narcissistic personalities do not do the right thing. They do whatever is necessary to gain the upper hand, punish back for the umbrage and ‘inequality’ the narcissist has felt from other people, and has no remorse, conscience or embarrassment for their narcissistic behaviour. Narcissists when confronted with being accountable simply create another scapegoat, pathological lie, projection or smear campaign to justify their behaviour. The narcissistic personality will also proclaim to all and sundry that he or she was the one who lost out – and it was you in fact that took off with money, possessions and cost the narcissist dearly.

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