I have a rule in my life. If something happens twice, pay attention to it. This type of awareness has allowed me to to stay present in my life without being overwhelmed. I may not always like the situation but I do pay attention so that it does not become a mess that I can't handle. Repetitive situations are to be taken seriously.

I have had my share of clients who constantly say " Why does this keep happening to me, I am tired of this! " I have to tell them that there is a lesson or a form of self-awareness that the universe is trying to show them. It is not always a welcoming statement because most people just want " it " to stop already. They have missed the subtle messages by practicing avoidance. Practicing avoidance is a sign of fear. Most people just avoid things in their lives hoping that the situation fixes itself. They use the excuse that they do not want to focus on the little things. If that little thing keeps happening, it will eventually grow into a big situation.

I am often asked how do they make their situation improve. I tell them to pay attention to it and address it. Again, the mindset becomes more of a " poor me ". It is never a poor me situation when all that a person has to do is face the issue. This is a victim mindset. People often scream that their life is so hard. While coaching a client who has a recurring situation, I can see that the lesson has not been addressed. Once the issue is faced, the problem goes away.

Examples of repetitive issues are
1. Failed relationships- Remember you are the common denominator in your relationships.If your relationships are failing it is not helpful to blame the other party. The better question is to ask what is the common personality of the people you have attracted into your life. The common issue is what you have attracted to work on so that you can be a better person. The Law of attraction is always working. We attract what we are or believe. If you have low self esteem, you will attract abusive relationships. If you fear being cheated on, you will attract cheaters.
2. People who try to step on your boundaries. Most people want to hide rather then to tell someone no. They are often so hurt that people won't honor their boundaries. The lesson is to stand up for one's self.
3. Wanting to help everyone in search of approval. People who want to be thought of as being nice often end up in situations of being used. The worst part is that they give permission to others to use them. Often this type of person will have to end up sick in order to get it that they have to find a healthier way to feel validated. Getting sick is a way of being forced to go inward and heal emotionally.

Lessons are not a form of punishment but a chance to become more self -aware. Self- awareness is the only true spiritual growth. Avoiding ourselves and focusing on others perceived flaws only delays the chance for true inner peace and happiness. If we see a flaw in others, it is because it exist in ourselves. Everything in life serves as a mirror into ourselves. This is why judging others does not serve any purpose because it causes us to miss the opportunity to see it in ourselves and fix our own issues.
Remember if something happens once, it may be a coincidence or insignificant. If it happens twice PAY ATTENTION!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Donna Lee is a professional intuitive life coach. Her goal is to assist her clients on their spiritual life journey and to heal painful issues. She is the author of the ebook " The Spirituality Trap "