How many millions of us tune in to medical doctors on TV? The gripping real-life drama of people struggling with health problems, the new scientific discoveries, superfoods and advanced medical information explained in simple terms by earnest MDs.

Here they are, larger than life on your living room plasma screen, giving you advice, evidence and experts in front of a live audience. These personalities are like your own personal health care practitioner, all you have to do is get comfortable and sit back with a snack or beverage. It’s an appealing way to get all your health news and information.

After all, these shows are far more interesting than reading a health clinic handout on steps to take for your pressing concern – and you never know what fascinating new tidbit might be revealed (after the appropriate commercial break for cereal or cleaning supplies).

But is it real? Is the information accurate? Should you really believe what you’re told by the TV doc? That’s a good question.
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