People are always complaining about one thing or another and it does annoy me a lot. I have had hard times in my sixty years but there is no point moaning about it, is there? No there isn't! People in general are never happy because there is always something that affects them be it the weather, finances, their families or work. No one will ever be completely happy unless they put out positive energy. It works for me as I know that everything that was negative in my life happened for a reason. Once that is accepted and you put a positive spin on whatever situation it is then it usually turns out to be ok generally.

I appreciate there are horrendous things that happen in the world today but for the most part my attitude has to be “If it doesn't affect me I can't dwell on it”. Now I know that sounds selfish but I have to be now I am getting older. I have spent too many years worrying about other people in foreign countries and it really doesn't help them or me. There are so many charities nowadays that help these countries they should be getting it right by now. The things we have no control over like hurricanes and earthquakes do happen and we can’t do anything more than we do to help but personally in my own life I have enough to worry about here and now.

I have found no one wants to hear my problems so I deal with them and then put them to one side. I am content with my life and family, which daily presents its own dramas, which is enough for me. I am a sort of healthy sixty year old and thankfully working full time. I have a reasonably large family, who are for the most part healthy and happy, so to me that makes me a very rich woman. Life is too short to make dramas out of little things! What is my secret you are thinking? Recently I found something that helps me relax when I have a spare moment and you will not guess what it is that pleases me.

I found a company called The Hunter Fan Company Ltd and through them I got myself a unique ceiling fan that I just love. It is called the Fanaway EVO ceiling fan. It just looks like a pendant light till it is turned on and then the blades come out. Once it is turned off the blades disappear back into the body. So there is no need for dusting and for me that is great. I love it and I am sure if you saw it you would be as amazed as I was. To me this is heaven just sitting with a cup of coffee and my EVO fan. I am content and happy therefore I am rich in body and soul.

Author's Bio: 

As a mother of five adult children, eight grandchildren and even a great grandchild I have found I like to voice my opinions and do it with a bit of humour. I love my Hunter Fans and have found as each room has a different style they have a fan to match all.