When you are trying to lose weight, it is crucial to reduce your consumption of soft and carbonated drinks. Soda is one of the biggest reasons for obesity, and reducing its consumption will be a great first move for a successful weight loss body transformation. Most drinks today contain soda within, and are commonly consumed by people of all ages. Most of these people are addicted to such drinks and consume them daily, making it very harmful and detrimental for their fat loss goals.

There are many reasons why soda is bad for your health, and the first of which is that soda is very high in calorie content with minimal nutritional value. Consuming excessive amounts of soda will lead to quick decaying of your teeth as well as having weakened bones. This is the case as the consumption of soda is linked to the depletion of vitamin A and calcium within your body. When you consume soda, your body will also be unable to retain calcium for up to 40 days! Therefore, high levels of soda consumption make weight loss more difficult as it creates craving for sugar within your body!

Research done has estimated that the consumption of two cans of soda daily can add approximately five to ten pounds of excess weight on a person for a year. Furthermore, taking carbonated drinks is akin to drinking air. When you ingest air, your gastrointestinal tract inflates, slowing down the digestion process in your body, slowing the rate at which weight loss occurs.

However, if you are already an addict to soda, this does not mean that you should give up and continue taking it. You should search for alternative drinks, and by that, I do not mean taking diet soda. Some diet soda does the same amount of damage to your body as a regular soda does! A certain amount of sugar content is reduced when manufacturing diet soda, but carbonation is still present in the manufacturing process.

If you are serious about losing weight successfully, then you should eliminate the consumption of soda from your diet completely. Instead, increase your consumption of water and green tea. Water is calorie free and makes you feel fuller if you were to take water before a meal. Green tea is also low in calorie content levels and helps to increase the rate of metabolism, helping your burn more calories within your body in a shorter period of time.

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