After Completing uni, You all goning to feel life is bit boring and job is more stressful than ever. Of course you can left your job, but you can get nice little vacation in some nice little island. Sri Lanka, a south Asian tropical island is the perfect choice for this. Lot of companies don't allow lengthy Vacations for their employees, but this island can cover within two weeks.Of course me and my friend gang visited the island some time ago and it was an amazing experience. Island is mostly unknown for lot of tourists . That the Point of interest in Sri Lanka, a less crowded tourist destination.

Exploring Mountain Range In Sri Lanka, Best Way To Start Island Sightseeing

Starting our vacations, first we landed in Colombo with the help of tour guide in Sri Lanka one of the best travel guide site in the island. After releasing the jet lag in a nice hotel in Colombo,we start traveling to Kandy by train cause train ride is known for their scenic views. We almost filled our cameras with beautiful photos because sightseeing is that beautiful. After arriving Ella we stay the night there. In morning we start the famous hike for the Ella rock, ah such a amazing experience it was. That's why it's known as the one of the must see tourist Places to visit in Sri Lanka. After hectic but not wasted hike we call it day and relaxed in our guest house. In next morning we start travel high mountains in a forest for our early booked eco lodge . They provide us spas, pools and good meals, the beautiful view and scenic mountain made the picture just perfect. Eco lodge hotels provide a good service us in our stay their, making our holidays just better.

Enjoying Beautiful Beaches And Yummy Seafoods In The Beach

Sri Lanka known for their golden sandy beaches so we stayed at the tangalle beach in the deep south, we enjoyed fresh sea baths and also went swimming. After that great experiance freshly made mouthwatering seafood meals made our stomachs full, actually that dinner was on the beach with candle light so it's became the best dinner in most of my friends ever had.

Udawlawe national park, another one of the main tourist places to visit in Sri lanka. So in the next day we visit Udawalawe national park , famous for gentle giants the elephants, another main point of interest in Sri Lanka. We see lot of elephants including baby elephants, tuskers, best day ever. After that beautiful experience we did get good sleep because in ealy morning we have to say good bye to this beautiful island. I've enjoyed lot of holidays in different countries but In my opinion this island is the best medicine for work stress . So try that some time, because this tiny island is a great two-week trip combines spectacular sightseeing and some superb experiences.

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Jerome Julian is writing on Sri Lanka holidays & recommends for tours in Sri Lanka, based on his travel experiences to Sri Lanka and he loves Sri Lanka for its natural beauty.