“If You Hate Popeye, Squinting & Smiling, Forgettaboutit”.
• 1. “I find your columns boring and mostly irrelevant, but you have wandered off the cliff when you drag in Exodus 3:14. What on-this-planet does the Bible have to do with your damn SpeedReading101?

• 2. Oh yeah Professor, your Squinting and Smiling did help me trigger Peripheral Vision, and upped my reading speed 80%, and double my long-term memory. But why throw the damn Bible in my face?”

• 3. “Ah, thank you for the kind words, can I use your email for a testimonial? You see, “I-AM” requires me to NOT to describe myself or my environment using a negative connotation.”

• 4. “Hang in, the Bible quotes God as answering Moses, “thus shall thou say unto the children of Israel,
“I-AM” hath sent me unto you.” His full name given to Mo was, “I-Am-That-I-AM!” Was “I-Am!” - his short or nickname?”

• 5. “And that triples my reading speed, and doubles my memory?”

• 6. “If I go negative, according to biblical scholars, it’s equal to my taking the Lord’s name in vain. Who says? The interpreters of Exodus 3:14. Now you got me sounding like a Bible-Thumper, gaddam it.”

• 7. “Back to basics, and what I learned from “I-Am!” that relates to SpeedReading101. If you are an American, you smiled, and then some, at Popeye-The-Sailor-Man.”

• 8. “You threw-a-fit at Robin Williams as The-Man, and Shelley Duvall, as Olive Oyle, and watched it 16-times since its release in 1980. Sing the lyrics with me now, for the good of your PreFrontal Cortex.”

• 9. “I-Am-What-I-Am, and that’s all that I-Am.
I’m Popeye-The-Sailor-Man. I‘m strong-at-the-finish,
cause I eats me Spinach, I’m Popeye-The-Sailor-Man!”
• Refrain: repeat the paragraph to create a synaptic-connection in a “neural-network” in your brain.

• 10. “Excuse me Prof, but what’s so great about that, he’s the Charlie Chaplin of our times? Released in 1980, & directed by Robert Altman, it’s iconic, and will be here to the 22nd century. So what?”

• 11. “Because the lyrics by Sammy Learner, 1933, are straight out of Exodus 3:14. Get this: the three Wise-Men advised us that using the term, “I-AM!” negatively, to describe myself or my environment is a mind-bender for health, longevity & prosperity.”

• 12. “And with a legal background, you are afraid of an ancient “Sin?” Moma-Mia-Spicy-Meatballs!”

• 13. “Here the result of about two-years of research: when you use the expression, “I-AM!” and add a positive description, like “I-AM! Prosperous!”, “I-AM! Healthy & enjoying longevity to one-hundred,” or, “I-AM! unconditionally loved and loving, and my relationships show it, through-out the day, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

• 14. “So? Sound like superstition to me.”

• 15. “Get ready for an “Ah-Ha!” Moment. A majority of neuroscientist maintain you trigger (activate) your RAS,

the part of your brain (see brainstem) called the Reticular Activating System, a filter leading you to fulfill your GOALS. One-more-once, “I-AM!” plus a positive statement, motivates your brain for success and power.”

• 16. Let me have 20-seconds to explain the VERB, “to-be”.
It is the MOST irregular verb in English. So what? It has a unique power that comes from your HEART, and its Electro-Magnetic Field.

• 17. Your heart’s Field is ten-times more powerful that
your Brain. Prove it? Electrocardiogram measures the FIELD from your heart, & the EEG for the brain, (Electroencephalogram).

• 18. Whenever you “intentionally” use the term, “I-Am!” with a positive statement of expectation, You radiate from your ElectroMagnetic Field to attract your Goal.

• 19. Can you remember this Chant, and recite it for one-minute, twice-a-day? “I-Am! every day in every way, getting, better and better. I-Am! speed reading faster & faster, every day in every way.” Repeat the Chant! Again!

• 20. Now, FEEL the emotion that you are part of the Infinite-Intelligence &Cosmic Consciousness. Get excited and Chant it again and feel great about winning your goal.

• 21. Now, mentally visualize winning the outcome of your Chant, your heart’s desire. See it, feel it, & chant it.

• 22. The verb, “to be”, and “I-Am!,” in the Present-Tense,
awakens your connection with your heart’s Field. See Feb 24, 2013, in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Why?

• 23. “Historical Success” Can you easily remember one specific “great-moment” you experienced? It could be getting your Diploma, a Promotion, finding the love of your life, or the birth of a child?

• 24. Get this, all you Brainiacs: if you can recall a time you felt powerful, a winner, and in-the-flow (zone), and activate the mental-movie during a job interview or one for a promotion, your heart radiates to Decision-Makers.

• 25. The scientific research called “Priming-Power”, concludes, it positively affects other people view-and-opinion - of you. They get the impression, YOU-ARE-THE-ONE! Your “heart-power” influences, persuades and convinces others to choose YOU!” It’s a Scienctific Fact.

See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Bernard Wechsler, bw@speedlearning.org. Educational director of Speed Reading101.org Former partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of SpeedReading.Graduated 2-million, and the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
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