There are so many causes of dull skin and before you start wondering what you need to brighten your skin, Make sure you know the cause of yours dull skin. The weather is one cause of dull skin, especially in the winter and summer. The skin is very sensitive if you do not take care of it, you will be surprised how different it will look at the end of any season. There are many types of creams that you can use to clear dullness and bring your skin to its original complexion. Choose wisely and do not rush for those that are so cheap in the market. Let your dermatologist guide you on the best way you can follow to regain your complexion.

The following are the best ways to clear dull skin
Exfoliate your skin
Dull skin can be caused by age whereby it is due to accumulated dead skin. The skin does not create new cells as one increase in age hence accumulation of lots of dead cells. Use a brightening cream to exfoliate your skin every night. Clean up your daily makeup before you apply the skin which will help to clear all dead cells leading to formation of dull skin. Repeat this process on a daily basis until you regain your original skin tone and complexion.

Use skin lighteners
These are necessary when you have acquired dull complexion during winter. The skin being so sensitive reacts with cold to form a dull layer which peels off now and then leaving your complexion to look scary. You can’t stand a mirror when you realize that your skin has broken and is full of dull patches all over. There are so many types of skin lighteners in the market both expensive and cheap. Be careful on what you choose to enable you to acquire a permanent solution.

Use skin whitening creams
The top most rated creams include Juvabrite, which is said to have no side effects on the skin. Some creams can lead to skin cancer or expose your skin to endless acne. Use this Juvabrite since it has the ability to whiten your dull skin. This cream is only suitable to the dull skin caused by dangerous UV rays leading to sunburns and uneven skin. Make sure that you apply the cream on a daily basis after you clear up the daily makeup. During the day ensure that you apply sunscreen protectors or wear a large cap able to cover up your skin from the hot sun rays.

Keep your skin hydrated
You can achieve this by taking 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. It will help to excrete dirt and bacteria from your skin hence enabling clear lance of dead cells. You will be able to maintain a bright skin with no trace of dullness as long as you maintain hydrated skin. There are skin brighteners that have the ability to maintain a hydrated skin tone, in case you are not sure of it, ask a dermatologist to assist you.

Minimize makeup
Avoid using too much makeup on your skin. This makes your skin lack enough sun light hence becomes dull. Excess makeup reduces the level of oxygen circulating in and out of the skin. It also leads to poor blood circulation hence formation of wrinkles and spots. Make skin care your daily routine since it allows you to have a peace of mind knowing that you look best.

Exercise is one of the ways that you can gain a bright skin without much struggle. This is because it helps to reduce wrinkle formation by inhibiting cell formation hence preventing any formation of dead cells in the skin. Active people in exercise will rarely have dull skin since the skin does not have time to keep dead cells leading to dull skin. Make use of skin brighteners to inhibit reduction of dead cells.

A dull skin is not beautiful since it represents an additional old and scary skin. It is not similar to dull skin since there are so many people who look beautiful with their dark skin. Make every day a day of looking better and more beautiful. Let age not despise you from maintaining a beautiful complexion. An even skin tone enables you be confident in all your daily activities, making you more active in dealing with your clients and customers. There is no room for you to lower your self-esteem due to looks since you are sure that you look stunningly beautiful. A bright complexion can make you get an opportunity while a dull complexion can make you lose so many opportunities.


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