For most people, bees inspire both love and hate. On one hand, they are extremely helpful in aiding the growth of flowers, as well as necessary to produce honey for our tea and desserts. On the other hand, they have stingers which can be fatal if used on people or pets with severe allergies. To err on the side of caution, homeowners should understand how to kill bees around their homes through a variety of methods.

Although bees are essential in transporting the pollen that ultimately grows flowers, vegetables, and fruits, many homeowners would still prefer not seeing them hovering and buzzing around their home. Bee control can be tricky, since they fly and tend to hang around our most valuable flowers, making it difficult to use any chemical control without it affecting them as well. In some regions, bees are seen as a protected species due to their talent for honey making and spreading the pollen that helps fruits and vegetables grow.

Here are some ways you can exercise bee control without resorting to drastic measures or putting your treasured garden or vegetable patch at risk:
1. Keep the Lawn and Yard Clean

Contrary to what most people think, bees don’t just live in hives. Subterranean bees can live in the dirt under wood and leaf piles for optimal coverage. Keeping your lawn or backyard free of nature piles can significantly reduce the number of areas bees can build their home. Mowing the grass frequently also eliminates areas where bees may feel inclined to linger.
2. Plant Wisely

Unfortunately, bees are attracted to many things we like to plant in our gardens, such as fruit trees, vegetable crops, and beautiful flowers, as these are all the things that bees can feed off of. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to avoid planting these items completely, it should be kept at a minimum to reduce the chance of bee hives.
3. Remove the Hive and Sell It

If you happen to stumble upon a bee hive, do not knock it off. Not because this makes the bees come out and swarm around you (and thus potentially stinging you), but because you can actually make a profit off selling the hive. Look in the phone book for a local bee removing company that can come and remove the hive safely and transport it to their farm for honey production or to sell to local farmers. This is a great way to do bee control that avoids harming either party.

Despite all this, if you are set on removing the existing bees with force, consider contacting a local pest exterminator who may give you a better idea of how to get rid of bees using pest control methods that give you a better sense of how to avoid bees around your property.

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