I recently stumbled upon one photo of me and Pete taken before we were married. It was the late 80′s…the era of BIG, including my hair!

I loved finding this photo of us from so long ago. Because I’m always one to GO DEEP I couldn’t help but meditate on the couple I saw in the picture. I wondered: what advice would I give them? What would I want them to know about themselves and life that they couldn’t have possibly known then?

What I’m about to write I’m sure will wind up sounding like a graduation speech. Perhaps a little corny and yet I think this exercise will somehow help me merge my past with my present, allowing me to live a little more fully NOW then ever before. If not, this has still been a fun exercise!

I encourage you to do the same. Dig out a picture of you in your early 20′s and meditate on that fresh-faced kid you see in the picture. What do you wish she’d known then that she couldn’t have possibly known then? What wisdom would you love to infuse into her so if there is such a thing as multiple dimensions she won’t have to learn things the hard way like you’ve had to?

Here’s what I’d like the young 20-something in me to know, in no particular order:

1. You know how you love to daydream about owning your own business? You’re on the right track!

2. You know that big, loving heart of yours? Leverage it!

3. People will try to shut you down because of their own fear. Never let them.

4. Don’t take on worries and responsibilities that aren’t yours to take on. Give them back to whom they rightfully belong.

5. Keep making lists of your ideal future. When you do that amazing things happen for you.

6. Never hide the fact you love the finer things in life, do take responsibility for creating what you want. (Figure out how to make your own money!)

7. You’re going to lose your mother when you’re still too young but you’re also going to have a baby daughter that will be your biggest blessing. These two events will change your life forever. Go with it. It’s all going to be OK.

8. Every day love and honor yourself, your unique voice and your body. That’s because…

9. You’ve got it going on girl!

10. You are enough, as is.

11. OH, and see that guy? He’s a keeper!

Whew! Writing out that list just made me cry so I must have touched on something very real for myself. Now of course, if only we knew then what we know now but life doesn’t work that way. Nope…life, just like business, is about expansion and the only way to really expand is to LIVE. Living is messy. Full of ups and downs.

Makes me think of something I kept from facebook: „I‘m not telling you it is going to be easy. I‘m telling you it‘s going to be worth it“.

And in the end perhaps that’s the only advice I really need to give my fresh-faced 20-something SELF.

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