Hey you!

Yes you!  You, the one with the big ideas…

You the one who knows that you are called to do something great…

You the one with a BIG, HUGE story of triumph and winning over all the odds…

You who knows that you have something to offer people who are currently in the same place you used to be.

I am talking to you!

You, the one who could conquer anything you put your mind to but now, when it comes to this dream, this vision, this thing that is so close to your heart…

You just cannot seem to get started and even when you get started, you seem to stop every other second to catch your breath and then you moan to anyone that will listen about the fact that you are not getting anywhere with these big ideas that you have!

YOU! Yes, I speak to you!

It is time that you started acting a little more like a robot!  I know, I know, you are full of feeling and life and warmth and passion and emotions and you cannot be so cold as to act like a robot.

Well, you must!

Because honey, all the dreams in the world will not get you your purpose-laden life.

All the touchy-feely, ‘how do I feel today?’, emotional craziness is not going to make you feel fulfilled.

When it comes to things you feel certain about, you get to work, you pull out all the stops, you go full pelt for what you want.  The unfortunate truth is that those things that you feel certain of, are also now things you know for certain that you do not want to base your life on.  And so, you hear the whisperings of your true purpose calling you but it is all shrouded in mystery and you wonder if you can do it.


And because you are uncertain, you procrastinate and dither.


You can call it every fancy name under the book, but really, all you are doing is getting in your own way and this has got to stop.


I know you cannot see it but all the lights are pointing at green and the world just waits for you to wake up and stand in your true power.


Will you?  Or will you keep dithering and doubting?


It is time to put on your robot suit and look unflinchingly at the goal!


The people you want to impact…


The money you want to make…


The lifestyle you want for you and yours…


And anything else you know you want.


Look at it all and like a robot, DO THE WORK!


There can be no more room for silliness – SIMPLY DO THE WORK!


Keep your goals right there in front of you and DO THE WORK!


It is the outcome you want, isn’t it?




  1. Communicate daily so that your people hear your voice and come a-calling
  2. Grab those contact details so that you can follow them up
  3. Offer them something to buy that will alleviate their desires
  4. BE CONSISTENT and do this daily

Simple, but not easy when you are dealing with all the underlying stuff that is an aftermath of having gone through all these experiences that now position you exactly right to be the leader for others still in the throes of the craziness.


Yet, you must overcome because you have a life to deliberately build – A life of purpose and joy.


It is time to fight for, to deliberately design the life you are born to live.


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