So, you have distilled out your purpose…


You know what you want your life to stand for and to be about…


And now you are all excited…


All those years of the fog are behind you!


You are on path!


You feel the pull of purpose, drive, enthusiasm and determination…


You know what you are here on this planet to do and you will not rest until the world knows all about you and your thing. This awesome thing that will change their life – whether book, music, product, service, ministry, whatever! You are on the narrow path, focused on the outcome, ready to make things happen.


You are communicating with people online, growing an audience of people one at a time…


You are out and about, networking, learning how to reach more people…


You are even making a few sales… Not much, but some…


And then…


Then it all starts to go slightly wrong!


Because that knowledgeable mentor or ‘supportive’ partner or loving friend hinted at something and it burst your bubble a little and your current reality came flooding in.


And in that flood of reality, you started to doubt you and your big vision.


You wondered whether what you dreamt of, was possible.


And you listened a little harder to that soothing voice of certainty that is your mentor, partner, friend. (OK, so not one of them has actually done what you dream of doing but hey, they have an opinion and they are going to share it and you, with that initial feeling of euphoria gone, now cannot help but listen to them.)


And they tell you to tweak your message a little to suit a wider market…


They tell you that no one wants what you have in the way that you want to offer it and…


You listen to them.


You start trying to sound like everyone else in your marketplace, you tone down your rough edges and you try to blend in because that surely is what the market wants, right?


You stop listening to your own intuition and you stop trusting yourself or the whispers you hear from your internal wisdom, you go the way of every other wantrepreneur because you allowed a fearful voice into your head and now, it threatens to destroy your dream of a life lived out of your strengths, your passions and making money doing what you love.


You stop believing.


And if you are anything like me, you go for years trying to be what everyone else wants you to be until one day, you wake up and realize that actually THAT IS NOT WORKING EITHER!


So why on earth not just DO YOU?


You are working your bum off anyway trying to be everything to everyone like those ‘wise’ people suggested and it is killing off your dream and enthusiasm and STILL IT IS NOT WORKING!


Why not work your bum off DOING YOU?


And if you do think you have to work your bum off being bland and boring, then surely it would be easier to get yourself a job and at least, be assured of the monthly income?!


I hope that made you recoil in HORROR!


This is the thing… I have done that whole ‘just follow the money’ thing and it can work – I grew a property business doing that and it even replaced my pharmacist income and then I could not stomach it anymore!


And proceeded to dispose of it in a way that made my life slightly hellish and there are still unnecessary ties as I almost sabotaged myself to get rid of the parts of that business that I just could not do ONE SECOND LONGER!


I do not wish that on you. Just because you and I are capable of doing whatever we choose to do, does not mean we actually SHOULD DO IT, if we want to live a life of legacy.


Don’t take the sideways broad route to a ‘norm’ life of quiet desperation when you could stay on the narrow path that WILL WORK, if you do the WORK! Yes it can be tough but, as I always say – The WORK always WORKS!


You have already experienced living life beneath your potential and yes, you were (probably still are) successful by the standards of those around you and so they do not understand why you would want to upset the status quo. They do not understand the call on your life.


And that lovely mentor of yours, he/she just cannot handle the pressure of waiting for you to succeed in the way you envision and so they are trying to offer you some easy path that will just lead you to some sideways result that is STILL NOT what you are born to do.


Listen to your intuition. Trust your intuition.


Yes, you need guidance especially if you have never done it before but you need it from someone who will not try to stifle your internal inclinations. You need someone who has the strength to walk through the fire with you without trying to take you off the path that leads to your true purpose and those kind of mentors/coaches are not easy to come by. Most coaches just want your nice happy testimonial on their website so they can sell more unfulfilled people, more incomplete success!


Do you want that?


I hope not.


You know what you are called to do – Stick with it, do not dilute it, do not look for some broad path easy button!


Stay on the narrow path.


Even when things are not working the way you envision them yet, keep the outcome clearly in mind and keep taking the nest step. When your loved ones try to ‘help’ you, smile but ignore (particularly if they have not done what you want to do!) – Recognize that it is their fear speaking.


And I know you feel afraid at times too that your level of delusion is just too much but honey, it is not true.   We, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, have all felt this way at some point in our journey. We are the big thinkers, the ones that want to up-level our normal and so, of curse, it feels kinda weird and crazy at times.


And yet, it is a part of the narrow path – call it a test, if you will.


Will you stay on path? Are you willing to walk alone for a little while, if it means you get the outcome you dream of? Will you find and work with the mentor who is right for you? Are you willing not to take to heart the lack of belief you experience from the people closest to you? Is your vision worth that?


If yes, then you are in good company with me.  Work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track group at


Fight for, Deliberately design the life you are born to live.

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online