If you want to achieve your goals faster and easier, your best strategy is to make Spirit your CEO. When you allow your Inner Divine Guidance to be a partner in all that you do, you will be amazed and delighted at your results.

Trying to accomplish goals on your own can be very challenging. You are depending on your own thoughts and ideas to try to figure out how to achieve what you want. While it is possible to get results on your own, for many people this approach can lead to confusion, overwhelm, and procrastination.

The solution? Put Spirit in charge.

You Are Meant to Accomplish Your Vision

Many people aren’t sure if what they want for themselves is what Spirit wants for them. This often stops them from moving forward. Here’s the truth. If you want to experience greater blessings and it doesn’t take away the freedom of choice of anyone else, then go for it. There is no conflict between your will and the Divine will. The Universe wants you to have what you want. It actually gave you this idea and it supports you fully in experiencing it.

The Divine Has the Answers

When you think about how to achieve what you want, you might get totally overwhelmed about how to make it happen. You can become confused by all of the ‘gurus’ who tell you that the only way you can reach your goal is by doing things the way they say.

When you try to accomplish your vision by only taking action on the physical plane, you are using an extremely limited perspective. The Divine knows ways to achieve your goals that you have never even considered. And because Spirit knows and loves you, it knows the perfect way to move you forward towards success.

Open Up to Divine Wisdom

Even though your Inner Divine Guidance is always available to you, it will not force itself on you. You must invite it be your partner. Before you begin anything that is important to you, set a clear intention that you are open and receptive to your Higher Wisdom. Imagine that you are creating a space within your mind and you are allowing Spirit to fill it with the perfect ideas which will help you achieve your goals.

Recognize How Spirit Communicates

Inner Divine Guidance works differently for each of us. Begin paying attention to how your Higher Self is communicating with you. It often shows up as a feeling in your body or a new thought that ‘pops into your mind.’ Learn how the Divine communicates with you personally. If you’re not sure, ask that it makes the guidance so clear, you can’t possibly miss it.

Take Action

When you receive your guidance, trust it, and then take action. The ideas that you receive might not seem logical, but follow then anyway. Spirit’s way of doing things might be different than what you would expect. But Spirit knows how to get results faster and better than you could accomplish on your own.

Be Prepared for ‘Miracles

I invite you to make the Divine your CEO. When you do, you will always be supported by an intelligence that loves you and wants you to have whatever you really want. Spirit knows the perfect way for you to accomplish your goals more easily and successfully than you have ever dreamed possible. Your Inner Divine Guidance is ready and waiting to step up and support you in all that you do. Are you ready and willing to let it do so?

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Della Menechella is a Spiritual Success Mentor who teaches entrepreneurial women how to get unstuck so they can finally connect the dots to their vision. She has more than two decades of experience in combining spiritual tools, mental mastery, and practical applications to achieve powerful results. If you’re tired of working so hard or you’re not getting the results you want, contact Della at della@dellamenechella.com. Go to https://tinyurl.com/ycr8yfvl and grab your free copy of the eBook, For Women Entrepreneurs - The Real Secret to Using the Law of Attraction to Achieve Business Success and Financial Prosperity.