I know this may spark an issue with a few of you out there, but I continue to see this over and over in my business, Working Moms and lost kids. I strongly feel the American family is broken. We have more kids in trouble at ridiculously early ages. Screaming for attention? Screaming to be heard? Pregnant at 12, in jail for murder at 8? Come on people, there is a reason here! It is US! OUR FAULT! They have no direction. Families need at least two incomes to survive. Kids are left to wander streets or watch bad TV and music videos and this becomes their compass.
It is time we all realize the ADD, ADHD, emotional problems, anger issues can all be reduced if we just go back and make the decision to raise our own kids. Be home. Give structure. Give discipline. Cook dinner. Eat together. Discuss dreams, values and goals together. Sounds a bit like the 50’s again doesn’t it?
I am a career consultant. I work with a lot of women that have made the decision to have kids and then need to go back to work ASAP to survive. Because of this, our kids are suffering. In the end, our society will pay a price that was unimaginable just a few years ago.
Consider this; your leaders in a few short years are the kids that have grown up and been raised by MTV, Vampire movies, Violent video games and terror. They have been eating fast food, a majority of them are overweight, suffer from ADD, ADHD, anger issues and emotional problems due to lack of self esteem and bad diets.
Come on ladies: If you are going to get pregnant, and give birth to a tiny little person, you had better make the commitment to honor them and raise them. Because if you screw that up, it will follow you forever! I know. I worked and was a single mom for a good portion of my daughter’s young life. She is 25 years old today and has no direction. I spent most of my time struggling and trying to be the best young talent executive instead of the best Mommy. Now, at 43 years old, I see the damage my chaos caused. I see the repercussions every day in my daughter’s life. Her inability to reason and her entitlement issues are a constant concern.
So, how do we fix it?
Ages 0-3. This is a vital time for Mom to be home. If you must work outside of the home, do it after the child is 3 years of age. Then, be sure to have a structure that gives your child safety and consistency. Be predictable to your kids. Most importantly, be accountable. Don’t disappear!
There are a number of ways for a working Mom or Parent to work and still be home and available to her kids. I work with a few great folks that have great ideas and I am sure that your kids will benefit.
Now I know this is not the 50’s. And I know I have struck a chord with a few of you. I also know we live in a world that is demanding change. We must carve a new road ASAP. The one we are on is going to lead us to our demise. We can no longer afford to flail, or rely on big companies and employers. This is no longer our security. It is time to build our lives and our futures ourselves. Create a future for our kids we can be proud of. Leave them a legacy and memories that don’t stop at X Box!

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Kelly Marquet-Bodio has three names, but one focus: to help her clients achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

She has been the answer to challenging questions from entrepreneurs, solo-professionals and corporate executives alike about how they are perceived, where their careers are going, and how to get there. Her time-tested approach is based on proven systems that increase visibility, name recognition and credibility. Always ahead of the curve, her finger on the latest trends, Kelly’s background makes her uniquely qualified as an Image and Personal Brand Strategist.

The founder of Career Transformation Network and author of the Communicate Your Brand ezine, Kelly has worked in marketing and new business development for more than 20 years. Along the way she has developed a full palate of capabilities in the areas of Quality Customer Service Training, Presentation and Communications Skills, Brand Management and Strategic Marketing. Individuals and organizations have benefitted from her energized, individualized approach to attaining goals through smart, effective training methods and decision-making techniques.

Kelly’s background as Marketing Consultant in the health and wellness arena and a National Sales Director in the luxury goods and professional services industry makes her a strong asset to associations and individuals seeking an accomplished facilitator to help launch and/or manage strategic branding and marketing programs that get results.