If you are a smoker, we can assure you that those who truly love you will never approve of it. Smoking has so many negative impacts on your body and we don’t think there is any reason for you to carry on with it. And that's why we are listing down some effective things that you can try to get rid of this habit.

You need to have a strong reason: Your efforts at quitting smoking will never result in anything until and unless you find your reason. The reason should be strong enough to motivate you at the times when you feel like giving up. The process will be hard, so your reason has to be solid.

Join a support group: When you quit smoking, you may have many withdrawal symptoms and an urge to give in to your nicotine cravings. Support groups are something which can help you a lot in this regard. Meeting people who are going through the same or have been through it all will inspire you.

Give hypnotherapy a try: Many people are turning to hypnotherapy for getting relief in many problems. There are many examples of hypnosis helping people in quitting smoking. You can easily find a hypnotherapist and get yourself an appointment for a quit smoking hypnosis session. This will certainly help you.

Try nicotine patches and gum: When you quit, you are bound to have cravings for that “just one drag”, and it is a tough test to ignore that. You should try nicotine replacements as they can help you in coping better. It will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms, such as headache and anxiety.

Depend on the supportive family members and friends: Family and friends are a great source of inspiration in tough situations and it is all right to seek solace in them while you are trying to quit. Whenever you feel like giving up, go to a friend who can comfort you and talk you out of it. If you don’t completely trust yourself, you can even ask them to keep a check on you.

Cut it off at once: Yes, we know that people say that you can try cutting down the number of cigarettes that you have, gradually, and one day you will be able to quit. But be honest and tell us how many times have you tried that? Yeah, we knew. You have to do it at once, just like ripping a band aid off the wound. Yes, you will have to bear with certain symptoms, but this is the right way to do it.

Maintain an honest journal: You might be thinking that how this is going to help. But believe us, this can actually help in a fantastic way as it will help you track your progress. You know that seeing a palpable evidence of your success is always great, right? Make sure that you make a journal and write your thoughts regularly -- every craving, every thought.

Keep yourself occupied: You must have noticed that when you are engrossed in your work, you don’t feel the urge to smoke. This can actually help you in quitting. When you are trying to quit, try to keep yourself as busy as possible. You feel like smoking when you have nothing to do, so, by being busy, you can easily avoid this.

We don’t think that you would find anyone who tells you that smoking is not a bad habit. Can you call a life-threatening habit good? No, right? Well, have you thought of quitting it? Many times? Try these few steps, and let us know how you do.

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