If your question is about getting my ex back then your first endeavor will be finding required information either from the Internet or from other valuable sources that could be books, journals, and articles that could be available in a good general or university library.

Searching the Needle in a Haystack
Since the information that will come your way is huge and voluminous it would be really like searching the needle in the haystack. You are no expert yourself and have little knowledge to distinguish the qualitative from the scraps and that will be a serious problem you might encounter in the process.

The Way Out
There is no need to lose heart however since there is a way out. You can try any of the following methods.

Resort to the advices of some known expert in the field.
Take the advice of users who have already tried the methods or from the friends and neighbors.
Conversely you can try the time tested and established relationship revival methods.
Last among the above ways seems the best since the chances of committing errors would be minimized in such cases.

Things to Remember
Aspirants looking for relationship revival after a breakup often overlook a few vital points.

There is a solution for every breakup including relationship breakups.
Forget repeated calls; SMS; hiring a detective to spy on; thinking always about the partner; and love songs you heard together making you sad. All these are inevitable signs of weakness and indecisiveness.
So what do you do?

Follow the Simple Steps
Following a few simple steps could be the end to your problems in relationship.

Start saying the right thing and doing the right thing at the most opportune moments.
Most partners fail apart because they feel the absence of appreciation from the partner.
Couples do reunite everyday despite all adverse situations and therefore adversities should not be allowed to bog one down.
Remaining normal and natural in encounters even after the breakup may easily reignite the fire in the partner and he or she may come running back to you.
It is because of the simple human psychology. No one likes to become unimportant and when you remain normal even after a break up, it is just what the partner feels; that he or she is not important. They will have a point to prove and it will require them come back to their ex.

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