Do you think that the sound of your speaking voice effects how others perceive you? If the voice you hear on your voicemail or some other form of recording equipment has any of the above traits, then the image you are projecting is quite possibly that you are characteristic of those ‘qualities,’ especially over the phone where there is no visual for comparison.

How many times have you made a mental judgment of someone over the phone, later met that individual and were surprised by what you saw? If your voice leans toward a wimpy or weak sound, then the same thing may be happening to your listeners.

  • Consider this. When you meet someone, 37% of the image you project is the sound of your speaking voice. A wimpy or weak voice does not make a good impression. Over the phone where there is no visual, however, those percentages rise dramatically.

If you find that you are being talked over because you are not being heard, you must make the change. Those of us with larger voices will take over the conversation because we tire of straining to hear you and we tire of asking you to repeat yourself.

As demoralizing as all of this may sound, the good news is that you have a better voice inside – a much better voice. Powered by your chest cavity, it is deeper in pitch, resonant, and strong. Not too loud and not soft, but of a normal volume. In addition, the voice that originates in your chest has the ability to be projected which means you will be able to increase your volume without shouting.

Presently you are using your throat and voice box as your primary resonators. When you make the switch, however, and allow your chest cavity to do more of the work, you will notice an amazing difference in how others perceive you. You will definitely sound more confident; you will probably look more confident; and, you will most assuredly feel more confident.

Life today is hectic, sometimes frenetic, and always fast-paced. Your competition is strong. If your voice says the wrong thing about you, then you are selling yourself short. Whether you are searching for a job, a promotion, or even the love of your life, others will be more attracted to you if you sound secure and confident which will only happen when you discover your ‘real’ voice.

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