I wish you many blessings is one of the most powerful gifts we can ever bestow upon anyone. A blessing possesses its own special magic; one of its purposes is to open our hearts and lead us closer to our true “inner self” or soul. Contact with our soul helps us discover and realize our goals, hopes and dreams.
The discovery of “self” (know thyself was a much quoted dictum of the early Greeks) is an exciting part of the journey we are all taking on the earth at this time, and is not one to be taken lightly. The personality or “little me” as I like to refer to the ego, is accustomed to living amidst uncertainty, confusion, doubts and fear. For us to fully reach our grand potential and to actualize our goals is not something the ego usually feels confident or comfortable about.

Fortunately, the ego is but one component of our being. How do we diminish the ego’s hold and enter the awesome realm of spirit where magic and miracles originate? One means to tap our great potential is to invoke and invite our “soul” to befriend us. Once we do this we open the door to endless possibilities. The soul’s domain is one where dreams do come true because we are not limited to third-dimensional restrictions and beliefs. To invoke our soul is to accept that we are not simply citizens of the third-dimension.

To illustrate this let me share a personal story. To surrender to our “soul” or “higher self” is a very powerful step on the path to healing and success. Several years ago I uttered a short prayer which totally changed my life. My prayer went like this: “Oh, my Soul, show me the way. Bring me miracles and magic everyday."

From that day forward something shifted in me. My soul became my mentor and friend. It reinforced my belief, if you can dream it you can achieve it. The soul has resources we cannot begin to fathom or imagine. It has the ability to lead us to the people and circumstances to help us succeed, heal and overcome any obstacles so we may achieve peace and happiness.

“Easy for you to say, Michael,” some may say. “What would you know of hardships and pain?”

“More than you might imagine,” is my response.

It was through living in a dysfunctional abusive home that led me to invoke divine intervention. The result was an angelic visitation at the age of thirteen. Never underestimate the power of invoking our soul, our guides, and the beings of light who are always available to assist us. No problem or difficulty is too big for them to help us overcome. But there is a catch, like I state in my book Halfway to Heaven. We have to invoke and call out to the guides and angels before they can come to our rescue. The call compels the response is another theme in my book. The angel’s predictions came true. I did go to foster homes and to college and later became a Psychic, Spiritual Medium and Author.

Let me offer one more useful exercise to help in goal realization. This is the repetitive use of the spoken and written word through positive affirmations. Many spiritual and positive thinking teachers emphasize the power and importance of seeing and focusing in our mind and third eye that which we wish to manifest in our lives. Equally important is to “feel” and to “imagine” our goals as actualized. Some call this focusing and directing our intent.

Sometimes we have some inner 'baggage' that needs tending to before our dreams can manifest. There can be some old hurts that have not healed. For example, I wrote a book Morning Coffee With God in 2005. I sent it out to a few publishers and received the standard, thank you for your interest but your book is not what we are looking for type of response. Discouraged, I stopped sending book proposals out. In January of 2009 I felt an urge to send my ms to a friend in Arizona who is also a writer and Psychic. She emailed me back and said, "Michael, this is a wonderful book with so many interesting twists. It is humorous and very thought provoking. Your problem is that you don't believe in it. If you don't how can you expect a publisher too. They subconsciously pick up on your doubts about the worth of your writing. Allow yourself to fall in love with your writing and then publishers will be drawn to you. Go with godspeed. Be brave and daring!" That email made me cry. I knew that my friend was right.

The next day I bought a new printer, printed out the entire ms and reread the entire book in two days. The tears fell as I was surprised that I could write such a book. Three weeks later I received an email from a PR person at Ozark Mountain Publishing in Huntsville, AR which said," Dolores Cannon, president and founder of Ozark Mt. would like to read your entire ms." I had forgotten that I sent Ozark Mt. a book proposal in Sept 08.On March 29 (a day I will never forget) the president and publisher called and informed me she would like to publish my book Morning Coffee With God. Can you imagine the joy that filled me? I was being rewarded for doing the soul and inner healing work. But the work is worth the rewards.

I was also invited to be one of the featured speakers at the Ozark Mountain Publishing's fourth annual Transformation Conference in Bentonville, AR which took place June 12/14, 2009. I did a "Messages From Your Spirit Guides" channeling and Psychic Readings and autographed and sold copies of my books Halfway to Heaven and Dawn's Kiss. That trip was very healing and affirming and gave mea much needed boost. I dared to follow my dream in spite of fear, doubt and hesitation. I tell people that the difference between a warrior, hero and a coward is action. A warrior and hero has doubts and fears like we all do but acts in spite of them. A coward allows their fear to immobilize them.

I wish many blessings for you, dear reader, as well. Remember, if you can dream it, you can achieve it!”

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Michael Dennis (513) 281-5696 - author Halfway to Heaven, Dawn's Kiss, a collection of nearly love 200 poems that explores the many faces and facets of Love, and Morning Coffee With God, coming out from Ozark Mountain Publishing in early 2010. Cincinnati, OH. Profile: Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Author as seen on Fox, CBS, Jerry Springer, heard on MOJO, MIX, Q-102 radio in Cincinnati, Michael Dennis offers a variety of Psychic Readings to meet your needs. He offers In-Person, Telephone and Email Readings. To order his books or to book a Psychic Reading please contact him directly. Please visit his website at www.mikethepsychic.com for more information or email him at paxomnis@aol.com