Did you know people spend more than twice as much money on “non-standard” therapy than they do on psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and ALL other state licensed helping professionals put together? Think of that, TWICE as much. And, online the counseling industry is serving the public more and more frequently.

Why do people prefer to receive help online than in person? First of all, it’s more convenient. There is no drive or bus schedule to worry with. Secondly, there are more “off hour” appointments available such as Saturdays or in the evening. Also, people prefer online therapists because of the added confidentiality. No one knows when you meet with your therapist online or over the phone but they sure know it when you drive up to the office with your car. People don’t like to be embarrassed by being seen by friends going into a psychiatrist or psychologist office.

As an online life coach, life advisor, pastoral counselor, you will find more clients more quickly than you would if you tried to start a life coaching center in an office. You would still have the same problems state “licensed” helping professionals have – no one wants to be seen as needing help. But, online, people can be exactly who they are and can use any name or life situation and know they are not going to be judged.

But hold on. You need two things before you can hang out a “counselor” sign on the Internet. First, you do need some training. Just because you like people, doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically successful as a therapist. Secondly, you’ll need the right certification or registration to provide advice and counsel within your state. These may be quite strict, but, fortunately there are ways around this, so don’t be discouraged.

Let’s talk about education first. The Certified Spirit Thinking Facilitator Academy was recently accredited by the APPCA (one of America’s oldest accrediting organizations). Spirit Thinking is a great thing to learn because you are exposed to a wide style of counseling but it focuses on the most effective counseling method ever used, according to Texas Research and Investment, a Dallas consumer research firm.

The CSTF Academy is also very inexpensive compared to other online programs. A student’s complete training including coursework, textbooks, Certificate and even business cards all are provided for one low price. While AIHT or COMTP, who are not accredited by APPCA or other groups, cost begin $2,499.00 all the way up to $12,500.00. CSTF Academy costs only $395.00 and can be completed by most students In less than two weeks. Plus, you may qualify for $200 in financial assistance!

After education, comes your right to practice as a counselor. Here you want to be very careful as “life coaching and life advisory” are beginning to regulated by the States. But, the U.S. Constitution guarantees you the right to practice as a Pastoral Counselor. That’s right as a minister you are guaranteed the RIGHT to provide counseling services. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as particularly spiritual person. Or, maybe you don’t have a sense of a loving, empowering God. You can find out how much your Creator loves you and wants you to work for the good of your life during your pastoral training. I recommend Many Paths Ministry. They are a challenging program but very reasonable in their price and you will feel proud of earning the ordination. However, if you are in a hurry, you will find places who will ordain you on the Internet for almost nothing and almost immediately. But, patience is a virtue.

If you enjoy meeting people, helping people save their problems and often have your own friends and family members, why not make it your life’s work. The need is great, will you answer the call?

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Reece W. Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM, has been named America's Favorite Online Pastoral Counselor by the Christian Self Help Network. He is an a progressive Christian author, spirituality expert and dedicated advocate to progressive spirituality.