Jeffery Combs, one of the large clutch of associates of Wealth Masters, speaks to build wealth and wisdom through a higher self esteem. A low self esteem is the beginning of sabotage and why do we have it?

Events from the past create feelings; feelings create moods; and moods create identities. We resist change because it challenges our identity as it sets off the right side of our brain to think of what can be, and is pulled back by the left which magnifies what is. This causes resistance and that's sabotaging.

But there is more to it. And that's out reticular activation system. It actually decides what we get. For instance when we are about to get married, all around us we see bridal dresses, happy couples and wedding paraphernalia which our activators get extra sensitive to.

Similarly, Jeff says the activators work at all times. Like a search engine for whatever is familiar to us. If we are familiar with struggle, how would the reticular activators present examples of success? Non-deservability sets in and we don't get what we want.

So what's the solution? Be gentle on expectation. Change requires time so lower the expectation and heighten the habits and skills. Set times for clearly defined goals that are a week; a month; and 90 days away. Develop a 90-day game plan. And have a daily method of operation. Objectively. So you do not procrastinate. Self esteem is improved by making and keeping small commitments to oneself.

Finally he adds, love thyself. Use the words 'deserve' and 'receive' frequently. I deserve to receive $1000 this week. Believe that you are enough and wash off your dependencies on others for your success. And it shall be yours!

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This piece is extracted from a CD by Jeff Combs that forms part of the Wealth +Health +Wisdom package produced by WMI. To get a holistic view, read Kip Herriage on money at