In the busy hurly burly of life it is easier to prioritise mundane activities and overlook spiritual practices and realities. A feeling that we don't have time is endemic: inboxes and to do lists are inherently larger than the possibility of completing everything they contain. Meanwhile we fuss around with things that are not important and waste precious time because we are a bit disconnected from the ‘is’-ness of creation.

Something doesn't feel right, so we work harder or find some other way to avoid the hollow sensation within.
Sometimes it can seem like a full ‘in box’ means security: if I am busy, my life must be meaningful. The number of ticks on my list equals my worth. An empty ‘to do’ list or inbox would mean I am nothing.

On the sacred journey of awakening we are challenged to remember our humanity, our essential worthiness and inner divinity, which is not a function of what we do. The more we allow this opening and awakening, the easier it becomes to attune to the Cosmic Clock and align our wills with the deepest calling of our souls. We rejoice in the simple things and revel in the inherent abundance and beauty of each day.

Lord Buddha taught us to follow the middle path: avoiding extremes and seeking the point of balance. Balance in the face of mountains of tasks is difficult. As we learn to ignite our spirits, we call our spirits back, reclaim our inner power, attune to what is important and find peace.
Blessings on your journey,
Om Shanti

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Darius Vaduva ( pen name Darius Thomas ) is a well-known mind guru and commissioner of the critically-acclaimed Lucid Dreaming Secrets at Darius is also president of Uconsciousness and Spiritual Expansion Of Consciousness.

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