No matter how much someone learns in life there are always going to be things they don’t know about. That is part of life and is something that one simply has to accept. That doesn’t mean that learning is therefore futile, if anything, it could feel like a weight has been lifted from ones shoulders.

As if one has felt the need to know everything in life, to hear the above can allow them to let go of a lot of the pressure they have created for themselves. So during those moments when one doesn’t know something or they are wrong, it is not something to feel ashamed of or bad about.

It is simply part of being human and not something do deny or to cover up. And without this pressure, learning can be something that one enjoys; instead something one feels they have to do.


However, even though one can’t know everything, there are going to be certain things that they will need to know in order to grow and to move forward. However, this is not going to be the same for everyone; as what will be important for one person, might be completely irrelevant to another.

And once they have become aware of this new information, their life could slightly improve or it could dramatically improve. This is going to be lifelong process and something that will never end.

With this in mind, one is going to realise how important it is to learn. Through this, one will know that their life is going to improve and that if they don’t learn, they are going to end up going backwards.

Going Forward

So by learning about new things and removing ones ignorance of those things, one will be able to progress. And in today’s world, there are so many ways to learn. One is no longer reliant on a newspaper or a book, as they can watch a video or listen to an audio book.

It also doesn’t matter where one is or what they are doing, as they can learn while they’re: walking, driving, running or flying. This is the information age and information is easier to access than ever before.


And while this has made a positive difference, there are pros and cons to most things in life. When the production of something increases, the quality can end up decreasing. This is why it is important for one to use their critical abilities and not to accept and therefore internalise everything they read or hear about.

When one is unaware of something that that will assist them, it is going to have a negative impact on their life. But as soon as they are aware of what they were at one point unaware of, their life will start to change.

The Other Side

So it is clear to see how important it is to expose oneself to new information. The benefits are endless and there is no limit when it comes to ones growth. The fact that one can’t know everything might be seen as something negative and yet, there is more to it.

Because not only is there information out there that has no use, there is also information out that will do more harm than good. As the saying goes ‘Ignorance is bliss’. When this is heard it is often dismissed and this is going to be due to the subjective meaning that someone has.


To be ignorant of certain things is going to create problems, that much is clear. But there are going to certain things that one will not want to have any awareness of whatsoever. And through being unaware of these things, one’s life is not going to get worse, if anything, it will improve.

Having the need to know something is not always a good thing, as this saying suggests –‘Curiosity killed the cat’. One may have the urge to find out about something and at times this is going to assist their life and at others, this could set one up to find out about things that have no use to them and are best left unknown.


When one is in a new relationship, they might have the need to find out about the other persons relational history. And let’s say that this is someone who has chequered past and has now put it behind them. This means that it is not necessary for one to know what happened.

But through finding out about their past, it radically changes ones perception of the other person. And even though everything was going well, the relationship soon comes to an end.

Another example would be when someone watches the news and exposes themselves to some of the monstrosities that are taking place in the world. One becomes aware of the violence that is taking place, but in a lot of cases, there is nothing they can do.

And this is going to have a negative effect on ones wellbeing and define how they view the world. So instead of being able to see what is right in the world, through watching the news, one might only be able to see what is wrong.


So whether ignorance is good or bad will all depend on what it relates to and at times it will be the best option and at other times it won’t. And this is something that one will have to decide for themselves.

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