iHarare is an online latest news blog that tells the story of Zimbabwe from a Zimbabwean perspective. Established in 2013, iHarare.com has grown one of Zimbabwe's largest online publications with a reputation for being the first to tell the story as it happens.

Our mission is to create a unique online solution for Zimbabweans, telling the story of Zimbabwe accurately and without bias. Take a look at the people behind the scenes responsible for delivering timely updates.

iHarare is an information technology and business publication that is obsessed with the opportunity of technology, particularly the Internet for individuals and companies in Zimbabwe and the greater African region.

We publish news, analysis, and insights on technology and contextual issues related to a breakdown approach for the novice and at the same time engaging the most sophisticated professional. Our content ranges from practical "how-to" to discussions on trade models and policies.

When we started, we had a pretty special audience, but we've long since become the mainstream by producing texts, videos, and podcasts that help the most respected business leaders, policymakers, and average kids to make daily decisions.

iHarare is used as a resource by global news organizations to obtain Zimbabwe's local technology/business history and to paint the local context. We have done this for the following organizations.

iHarare has grown into more than just a digital publication in which some "experts" tell the world what's going on. Often the discussions that occur in the comments below the articles are richer than the articles themselves.

Our WhatsApp community groups are platforms where people simply help each other with things as basic as mobile phone troubleshooting. Many opinions are shared in groups, issues are explored and relationships are formed. This is one of the main missions of iHarare: stimulating conversations.

iHarare Marketplace is a place where the iHarare community discovers offers, value propositions, and solutions for your daily needs. iHarare acts as an affiliate of merchants and service providers who want to reach our growing audience and community directly.

This service is based on the trust that our community has in the iHarare brand, therefore, we are careful who we affiliate with. While we want to have a comprehensive database of service providers and merchants for our community to choose from, we demand that these partners have integrity.

Proof of less than good faith and integrity results in either removing the partner from the market or not entering the affiliate relationship in the first place.

For more than 7 years, readers have had the opportunity to buy and exchange the shares of "their newspaper", which has seen hundreds of small investors team up with large institutional investors to take a stake in the capital.

Zimpapers has newspaper offices in Harare and commercial printing jobs in Harare. iHarare houses a newspaper office and a business office, while journalists are stationed in offices across the country.

The Group also has a strong presence on digital publishing platforms, which is where the future lies.

To be the leading integrated media, commercial printing, and packaging company in Zimbabwe and beyond.

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