iLA – Inspired Living Application is the app that pays in so many ways. Let me paint you a picture of this new company, by giving you the highlights of iLA so that you can see why I believe that iLA may change the face of network marketing and home based business in general.

1) iLA is new company with a brand new concept. It marries the exploding application market for iphone and other mobile devices with referral marketing.

2) The app is about Personal Development – Every week you receive a short video (no more than 9 minutes) on subjects like goal setting, time management, leadership development etc. Plus the app has archive capabilities and other features.

3) The developer of iLA is a seasoned highly successful app creator named John Marr creator of over 50 apps. In addition John also has years of experience in professional quality video production and strong relationships with top tier brands like Warner Brothers and Apple. You can find more on John at

4) As of yesterday there were only 225 founding members and just yesterday the founding members were given the green light & the link to allow people to join.

5) There are no barriers to entry! All you pay is $9.95 per month and you get the app and all its features, plus a website and back office.

6) The comp plan is a 3 x 7 Forced Matrix which utilizes spillover and matching bonuses. A full Matrix will net you $2,511.75 per month.

7) Sign up 3 personally enrolled people and you will make a 10% matching bonus on their matrix earnings, 6 personals 20% and 10 personals 40%. Exp: 10 personals with a full matrix would net you an additional $1004.70 ea or $10,000 a month in bonuses alone. But you don’t have to stop at just signing up 10. The sky is the limit!

8) iLA is not prelaunching until Feb 1st 2013. Getting in early allows you to secure your spot and benefit from the spillover as the company takes off! And you are not required to make your first payment until Feb 1st either.

While the force matrix concept does allow you the ability to create a complete matrix without signing up anyone, the real key to this program is working with a team of people who are dedicated to making sure that no one is left behind. That is as simple as working with all of the new members to insure that they sign up just three people. With that simple concept everyone is guaranteed a complete matrix and a nice monthly income. And in these economic times, you can’t beat that!

Author's Bio: 

Darlene Tabler is a founding member of iLA Inspired Living Application, and is currently building a team of hard working, dedicated and inspired individuals who will work together to insure that no-one is left behind and that everyone succeeds with a full matrix. If this company and product resonates with you then you couldn't find a better team and we welcome you to join ours.