I was just finishing my work when I felt a strong lurching pain in my stomach. I had not even realized it was 11’0 pm. I had been on this assignment for like 5 hours now and it was still incomplete. It was depressing me each passing minute and now I was totally exhausted. I had recently visited the doctor who identified my eating disorder to be of a serious level. I had not known how I got this disorder but due to high levels of stress I probably started losing excessive amounts of weight. The phone was ringing and I got up to fetch it form the table. It was Stacy; I knew it must be her only. She had been so much supportive lately, Calling me like a million times each day to check if I needed any help.
At this depressing moment, when I wanted to release all my stress she was the right person to communicate. I told her about the difficulties I was facing and she was all help. She asked me to leave the rest of the calculations as she would arrive at campus 15 minutes earlier and help me solve them. I felt as if somebody had lifted off a heavy burden from my shoulders. She asked me to close all of my books and get into some gossip with her. I was soon laughing and smiling and munching on a tuna sandwich. A week ago I would just throw up after eating even a morsel of food. My mom was so worried and she would stare at my oversized clothes and my pale skin. That is when she realized it was time to hit the doctor. I was diagnosed of eating disorder and the doctor advised me to change my eating habits and stop over worrying.
It was the end of semester and the work load was high. College can be tough for those who do not have any external help available for studies. Same was my case, I had lived with a single parent (my mom) since I was 5 and since then I knew it was tough for both of us. The place we had recently shifted to was not that lively. The neighbors were quiet and I did not have much friends. I met Stacy in a book fair at college. She was with some of her friends at the popcorn stall, I bumped into her and the popcorns flew off her hands. Instead of swearing at me she just started giggling, I too repeated and that was one moment we knew it was friendship for lifetime. She was not only a patient listener but a great advisor. She was great at academics and with a brilliant command over calculus subjects she would always offer help. I majorly had problems with advanced math, and often got stuck with intricate theorems. I planned to pursue field of science as chemistry was my favorite subject. She was not good at chemical equations as she had difficulty memorizing atomic numbers of elements. I was good at that and would help her solve complex equations.
Since I was diagnosed with a severe eating disorder mum was pampering me all the time. But she did not really know that I needed most help with studies. Stacy was the savior when it came to that. She would make a point of getting me engaged in long talks during break times and would ensure that nobody brings up the topic of my health. It was her support that enabled me to pass through my final exams and I successfully secured a college degree. I now have plans for taking admission in a reputable science university with the aim of doing masters in Chemistry. After college I was preparing for my university test. Stacy came over my place often and helped me out with online preparatory tests. Also we went out for movies and dinner on weekends and she would make sure everybody passed a nice remark once I join the group. I learnt this thing during college days after my diagnosis, she had already requested people to motivate me and cheer me up when I was in a bad or depressed mood. That is why everyone would pass on smiles at me and always encourage me for better grades in future.
It was a tough time and I still realize how important Stacy’s presence in my life was. I am sure she does not even know how much owe her. We both are still in contact and I have overcome my disorder completely. I practice yoga on regular basis and do not stress out on petty issues. I am in full control of my diet and routine and the doctor says I am one responsible and lucky patient.
Ps: Thank you Stacy….

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