We as humans commonly label things. We will label them as good or bad or else we will think nothing of them when something doesn't seem to fall into either category. This is something very serious that should be worked on at all times when working on the self. At all times check the self! If you see something, someone, a situation, check what you're thinking about it. Are you immediately labelling it even though you don't consciously mean to? It is something that does become habit. So even if you learn different you may not behave different because it has become a habit to your mind to think in that way. We train our minds the way to go at all times and in all thoughts no matter how fleeting. At this very moment you may be telling your mind something you don't really want or mean to.

If you think about it kids my sons age are just starting the process of learning to label things. In a simple way they label things as good or bad and as adults do we stop them? No, we focus more on whether they can write their name neatly, do basic math, or worse yet whether they can learn to be subservient to adults and accidentally teaching them inequality but something so very important to self growth and eventually becoming enlightened and to the ascension process we do not train them up on.

The best way to help anyone with this is by example. I often stop people when they are talking (yes, mid sentence, rude I know. lol) and saying something either limiting or labeling, because in the statements they make they are actually not just telling me something but they are telling their own mind what something is or is not and even worse stating what they want or want more of. I often hear them say I can't do it now like you can but I will get there and the point they totally miss is that it doesn't happen on it's own but with great struggle and a fight with the mind to the death.

First realize that it is a hard fight with your own mind/ego and your trying to prove to the mind/ego that you and not it is in control. Although it may be amazing what it, the mind and ego, can do it can do nothing without you leading it and so that means you are in charge and the leader and not it and hence you are the leader and not the ego. The ego would not lead such a powerful existence were it not for you teaching it and grooming it to do what it does, without conscious thought on your part, by establishing habits that are then hard to break...even as simple as labeling things and hence seeing a reality most times that is just and illusion and not the true reality of things.

To see the truth through the fog of the illusions of all things in life you must first start thinking that everything you come face to face with may be an illusion. When you watch the news do you ever stop and question if what you are seeing is an illusion and what is the truth of the situation you are being shown? When in a heated argument with someone do you just go ahead and react or do you attempt to look deeper and see the truth of what is really happening in that situation and consider that things may not be all they seem to be? Do you even stop and consider that the things going on in your life may just be a test...for you?! This is where it all starts. Stopping your habit of quick reaction and quick labeling to take a moment to determine the truth behind the illusion.

No battle is won if you are not at least trying!

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Sherry Andrea, Author, Intuitive Advisor, Spiritual & Personal Development Coach empowers and guides all towards discovering and uncovering their true self. Through the enlightenment she has gained through diligent spiritual work she offers the benefit of guidance as she speaks with the knowledge of her higher self. Ms. Andrea's life purpose is to guide others in their ascension, enlightenment, and personal development quest and especially to share the knowledge she has been given.