The other day I went exploring in the area that I now live and came across an old burial ground. I don’t think calling it a cemetery or a graveyard would be a good description.

There is no signboard, fence, or any manmade pathways, nothing to indicate that this is a place apart from the world of the living. It just quietly coexists in amongst the beautiful Constantia Valley houses at the foothills of the mountain range.

I decided to explore and wandered around reading those headstones that were legible and discovered that many were in recognition of war veterans from around 1903. Some of the graves went back to the 1830’s. Many of graves had been reclaimed by nature, once more a natural part of the landscape, the headstones long gone with grass and a profusion of wild flowers flourishing in their place once again – an indication that even in the presence of death, life continues.

I was intrigued and found it such a pretty, peaceful place. The warm breeze lulled my senses and the tree tops swayed and danced to the gentle sighing music of nature.

However, I realised as I sat enjoying the quiet atmosphere that this was unlike any burial ground I had been in before. It is not tucked away, silent, separate from the world. This place is very much a part of the world of the living, situated on the bend of a fairly busy road and lovingly embraced in a silent hug by the nearby houses on two sides.

This is not just a place for the departed souls of loved ones. This is a place full of life as well. I could see and hear cars, children playing, people laughing, cyclists, squirrels busily running here and there, guinea fowl foraging in the grasses and a beautiful Egyptian Goose that flew close over my head to perch in a tree nearby.

All this activity was going on around me and yet it was still such a peaceful place. The outside noises were muffled by the trees and long grass and did not disturb my quiet contemplations. I was surrounded by a variety of beautiful wild flowers - another celebration of the cycle of life.

I was thinking about oneness and how beautifully connected everything is in the Universe and this tranquil little island in the middle of a busy suburb seemed to be a very good example of how, even in death, there is no real separation from the living. The separation is merely in our imagination.

Our physical bodies, the vehicle we inhabit during our lifetime on earth, may crumble and cease to exist, returning to Mother earth, but our Soul flies free of restrictions. There are no third dimensional walls to contain us, or boundaries to restrict us. We move freely through the Universe, never far from our loved ones.

We can still call on a departed loved one at any time when we need help or comforting. They hear us and all we say to them.

I didn’t recognise any of the names on the headstones, and yet I felt a connection to each of them. When loved ones cross over, they are not completely forgotten, they live on in our minds and in our hearts. Death is not an ending, just the beginning of yet another universal cycle of re-birth and renewal.

Affirmations for illusion:

• There is no separation in the Universe
• I AM a part of all that is
• All is ONENESS
• Everything is connected in the NOW
• I breathe in perfect time with the Universal breath
• My soul transcends the cycle of earthly death
• I embrace all that is and know I am a part of it
• I AM as a drop in the ocean of the Universe
• I AM love, I AM light, I AM eternal


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Linney Elder is the author of “Infinitely Possible – A Cancer Odyssey”, a freelance researcher and writer, Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive healer and perennial student of life. Join her on this magical journey of self-discovery - read more insights and related subjects on her website: This article was originally published on my website. © Copyright 2011 - Linney Elder. All Rights reserved.